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Synworld opens

Multi-event with exhibition, conference, website poses important questions of digital culture and is entertaining at the same time

A concerted offer on several levels offers the multi-event organized by Public Netbase in Vienna "Synworld". Applications of Artificial Intelligence technologies in games will be shown as well as high-tech art by Ulrike Gabriel, Knowbotic Research and Keisuke Oki. A whole series of artists from the Net.Art Lager has created works based on the Unreal Game Engine, with programming support from t0/Public Netspace, but universities and architects are also in the program. Game and military technologies, 3D simulations and information design ies related to architecture and urbanity are addressed. The website is more than just an exhibition catalog and offers its own sphere of experience. However, the typical Austrian design in techno-constructivism look devours quite a bit of bandwidth and has sold out to the plug-in devil. Whoever overcomes this hurdle will be rewarded with ample "Content" rewarded.

Government formation in spain or fourth round of elections in four years??
Government formation in spain or fourth election in four years?

Jon Inarritu. Image: EH Bildu

The situation is further confused, as Pedro Sanchez has not really negotiated and is also vetoing his potential alliance partners

The leader of the Spanish Social Democrats, Pedro Sanchez, had played a dangerous game in the spring, provoking new elections because he was not prepared to make concessions to those who had brought him to power in June 2018 by means of a constructive motion of no confidence. He failed to get his budget through parliament and therefore had to call new elections on 28. April schedule. He hoped not to have to rely on Catalan votes in parliament again afterwards.

Live beyond the uberhallspur

Anarcho car racing with Acclaims "Burnout 2: Point of Impact"

Dense story and simulation realism Ade, speedless and joy in the danger Hello: Burnout 2: Point of Impact is on the limit, without random to other road users – do not try this in your own car!

The asthetics of the crash was already one of the high points in Acclaims "burnout". Where other games acknowledge an accident with a time penalty, gonnost "burnout" the (for some fellow humans quite dubious) enjoyment of the detailed, from different camera perspectives repeated from different camera perspectives. This crash asthetics was in its detailed loyalty to the hallmark of the game, this initially welcome and varied scenery is prepared by the man on the controller, of course, a doubtful pleasure, replacing the repeated crash the cute time penalty, costs him any repeated bersting window pane valuable advantage.

War flutters in the persian gulf

Tehran plays with prisoners, the USA sends third aircraft carrier group

The head of Israeli military intelligence Amos Yadlin reported to the Israeli cabinet yesterday that Iran, Syria and Hezbollah were preparing for war in Lebanon. They would expect an attack in the summer and prepare measures to defend themselves. At the same time that the German Chancellor spread optimism during her visit to the Middle East, Yadlin sees signs of growing instability in the region, the U.S. is deploying another aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf and Russia is expecting an attack in April.

Israel must prepare for the possibility that the U.S. may soon withdraw troops from Iraq. Although the U.S. President intends to veto Congressional withdrawal plans, for Israel a foreseeable withdrawal next year that strengthens insurgents and extremists (not only in Iraq) could pose increased danger. In any case, Yadlin sees the quite realistic possibility that anarchy will finally break out in Iraq and the conflict between Shiites and Sunnis will continue to spread, which will also affect Lebanon and the relationship between Hamas and Hezbollah. According to Yadlin, Iran and Syria amed that the USA was planning an attack and that Israel would be involved. The developments would be closely monitored, because a war could break out due to the many parties involved, without this really being desired.

How to ruin a crisis state?

Five ingredients for a recipe for success

1. Fight the single market by forcing wage cuts, pension cuts, benefit cuts and a reduction in government investment. Justify your compulsory purchases with the argument that an economy can save itself healthily as soon as all actors – state, private households and economy – tighten their belts.

2. Scare off all potential domestic and foreign investors by stating at regular intervals over a period of years that this state is on the verge of its "last chance" and thus shortly before the collapse.

Over 50 degrees and mafias
Uber 50 degrees and mafiamilias

Screenshot Video al-Jazeera/YouTube

Iraq: The legacy of the US occupation

On Thursday, 51 degrees Celsius was reported as the highest temperature in Baghdad, last week record temperatures of 54 degrees were reported. This is nothing new. There have been such reports regularly for years (for example: "The most yeasty city in the world", NBC 2015).

Russia will use east-ukrainian “people’s republics” have to feed through

The Russian investigative committee writes Ukrainian defense minister for "War Crimes" to the manhunt. Kiev counters with the same accusations

Russia keeps up its prere on the government in Kiev. On Thursday, Vladimir Putin declared at the international investors’ conference that the "Russia calling!", Ukraine can maintain its territorial integrity only if it secures the rights of its citizens. Only if "no one because of his language or ethnic origin or faith" Ukraine could become a member of the "return to their unity and ensure the development of the economy and the social sphere".

Russian President Putin at the Investment Forum "Russia Calling". Picture: Kremlin

The border troops come

At the transition to Mexico, 6000 soldiers should be stationed according to planning the US government. Washington also reacts to the consequences of free trade

Unnamed Blaring Throws, High Security Fences, Infrared Cameras and Motion Detectors: The US government wants to massively rupture on the border with Mexico (billions for the virtual wall). With a corresponding envisment, Prasident George W dared. Bush in his last speech to the nation a burr hike: Half a year before the congress elections, he has to keep the important electoral layer of the Hispanics on the one hand on the one hand. On the other hand, the mostly feminine topshade in the Sudstatas demands a rigid approach to the illegal immigrants. Inner politics, Bush wants with its border plan the waves smooth. But at the international level, he threatens him.

The border troops come

US Prasident Bush visited the border with Mexico on Thursday to send the posting of 6,000 soldiers of the National Guard and the expansion of border worms. Image: Weibe’s house

Rice genome decoded

In any case, preliminary and complementary

As has become the custom with genome discoveries, the rough press releases (and the articles in Science) are given before the real work (clumping the genes together) is done. What is available at the moment are very preliminary results that need to be verified and completed.

Two different research companies have taken care of rice genome decoding and published their results in Science. The first group took on the Indica subspecies; this project was sponsored by the Beijing Genome Institute, the Washington University Genome Center, and 11 other Chinese institutions. Indica is also in China the most widespread type of rice. Behind the second team was the Swiss organic company Syngenta. This team took care of the Japonica variety, which is particularly widespread in Japan.

Sluts, manipulators, wrong

About the lack of honesty of the researchers

Scientists are only human, and when they do research, like everyone else, they make mistakes. Sloppy work happens all the time, but some people sign their name to articles they don’t really know the content of, others change their research approach because funders like it, or ignore data because it doesn’t fit the desired outcome. The leaders even falsify the results.

Scientific studies enjoy a high credibility. The published results should be comprehensible, actually worked out by the stated authors themselves, and nothing should be concealed. Science should have integrity, researchers should be unbiased and incorruptible, all study data should be available. This is the claim that is in the room. In fact, there have always been cases of manipulation, intellectual theft and falsehood in the history of science.