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Game Developer with History: Capcom

At the end of the 70s a boom started: the common people rose into the fight human-counter-computer. Thanks to the madness text of Space Invaders and Pac Man, allerort’s slot machines shot out of the ground. Kids in Japan were even causing a munet shortage. Based on the term Capsule Communicator, which referred to the contact person to the spacecraft in the Mission Control Center (NASA aircraft monitoring center), reason Kenzo Tsujimoto 1979 the Japanese company Capsule Computers.

Action from Japan

Capcom’s boss floor with company primary Kenzo Tsujimoto (center)

Russia will use east-ukrainian “people’s republics” have to feed through

The Russian investigative committee writes Ukrainian defense minister for "War Crimes" to the manhunt. Kiev counters with the same accusations

Russia keeps up its prere on the government in Kiev. On Thursday, Vladimir Putin declared at the international investors’ conference that the "Russia calling!", Ukraine can maintain its territorial integrity only if it secures the rights of its citizens. Only if "no one because of his language or ethnic origin or faith" Ukraine could become a member of the "return to their unity and ensure the development of the economy and the social sphere".

Russian President Putin at the Investment Forum "Russia Calling". Picture: Kremlin

Synthetic human genome – an ethically explosive technology of the future
Synthetic human genome - an ethically explosive future technology

Researchers launch project to artificially create human genome in ten years

Scientists aim to build on success of human genome project: this time, however, it’s not about reading, but writing. Its goal is the synthesis of a complete human genome in a cell line. They deal with the ethical implications only half-heartedly.

If researchers combine the terms "synthetic", "human" and "Genetic material" In a sentence, this evokes unpleasant associations – from the homunculus to clones to the designer baby. Now these terms even define the goal of an ambitious project: within the next ten years, leading scientists want to advance the technology to such an extent that the synthesis of a human genome will become feasible. Artistic man is explicitly not one of their goals, but the researchers make only limited efforts to dispel fears in this direction.

Kondratieff conjunctions

The difficulties with economic policy or: The system works like clockwork

Handelsblatt, Montag, 29. Dezember 2003 Bundeskanzler Gerhard Schroder (SPD) hat eine "new culture of innovation" Germany needs a new economy. (…) "Already in kindergarten and school the (natural) scientific curiosity and creativity of our children must be more strongly demanded. Our children must want to become explorers and inventors again."

There is nothing anyone can do about crises! Unprintable above us stand the laws of economics, unknown recurrences in terrible cycles of nature’s catastrophes.

Detection, recording and transmission of submarine buoy signals

The technology of the future tsunami warning system in the Indian Ocean

The buoys planned for future tsunami detection in the Indian Ocean will be deployed up to 6000 meters deep in the ocean, where they will have to function for a year without further intervention. In the event of an alarm, however, the measurement data will not take a year to reach the surface, but only a few seconds.

After the devastating tsunami of 26. In December 2004 in Asia, the Indonesian government signed a cooperation agreement with the Federal Republic of Germany for the rapid establishment of an early warning system. Currently, an experimental system is being prepared as part of the first stage of the tsunami early warning system. Automatic measuring stations will be installed at two locations on the seabed of the Sunda Trench off Indonesia’s western coast. These will each consist of a buoy and an ocean bottom unit ("OBU").

Sdmi more headless than ever

Initiative head Chiariglione resigns after hackers reveal internal details about SDMI technology

Richard Chiariglione, executive director of the Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI), announced his resignation yesterday. Shortly before, two French hackers had started to document their successful attacks on SDMI technologies on the web .

Chiarglione used this year’s first meeting of the initiative in Los Angeles to officially announce his resignation. He announced that he would be stepping down from his post in the next few months and then returning to his real job at Telecom Italia’s research department. The SDMI consortium has not yet been able to provide any information about possible successors.