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The new rights and marx?
The new rights and Marx?

Karl-Marx monument in Chemnitz. Image: Self / CC BY-SA-3.0

Konrad Lotter for reference "Neiepechter thinker" To Karl Marx

Ironically, the philosophers of "New right" Have your love for Karl Marx discovered. The current ie of the opposition is dedicated to this topic. Telepolis talked to the editor Konrad Lotter.

Ukraine: when right sector calls the shots in the courtroom ..
Ukraine: when the right sector has the say in the courtroom ..

Right Sector forces three judges of the Malinovsky Court in Odessa to sign their resignations. Picture: accidents news

In Ukraine, right-wing violence against police and judiciary occurs almost daily

On 30. November 2015, a hundred members of the Right Sector stormed a hall of the Malinovsky Court in Odessa. The policemen on guard were simply pushed aside. Masked men and women built up in front of the three judges. They had ied a verdict, funf because of the ravenous battle on 2. May 2014 to release detained anti-Maidanists on bail. Faced with the jostling Right Sector, the judges looked fearful. And under threats of the masked sign (minute 1:23) her resignation.

The weiben sumpfe of wittmar
The weiben sump of wittmar

On this map, the radioactive sumps from the 750-meter bottom of the nuclear waste repository have been projected onto the earth’s surface.

A brief history of the Asse II nuclear waste repository

The underground salt mine

There is a skyscraper in Germany that you can walk on but never see in full size. It is camouflaged by a wooded hill that rises about seventy meters from the Lower Saxony farmland: The Asse. A few kilometers to the northwest lies Wolfenbuttel, the city center of Braunschweig can be reached by car in just under half an hour, and to the south the pale blue silhouette of the Harz mountains with the Brocken can be seen. A walker on the eastern section of the Asse Ridgeway has the houses of the community of Remlingen in his sights, but is probably not aware that he is walking in the immediate vicinity of the invisible building. If he wanted to visit it, he would have to take an elevator 750 meters underground. There is the first floor with 12 spacious rooms, each 60 meters long, 40 meters wide and 15 meters high.