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Buried under phenomena

The "Application reference" The teaching of mathematics in this way prevents exactly what it was supposed to achieve: Enthusiasm for mathematics as a cultural science

Slowly but surely, the public awareness of conflict on the subject of "education" is increasing (overburdened schoolchildren and politicians on a denial tour). Mathematics, which belongs to the cultural core of the Enlightenment, takes a key position in this process. Whoever wants to reduce it to its application-related practicability, however "well-intentioned" his intentions may be, destroys our culture.

A vehement, general debate on the subject of math didactics last took place more than thirty years ago, when the ie was the use of set theory. Die Gegner befurchteten vor allem, fur den Alltag notwendige praktische Fertigkeiten wie schriftliches Addieren und Dividieren wurden einem kindischen Herumschieben bunter Figuren geopfert, die Kinder wurden nichts furs Leben lernen. The different points of view were represented with immense vehemence and probably had less to do with pedagogical questions than with diverging ideas of society.

China tests ai program to grade school essays
china tests ki program for grading school essays


Mostly without the knowledge of the parents and students, 60.000 schools School essays graded and annotated by the software

That artificial intelligence can outperform some, probably more likely many, human cognitive performances is now obvious. Whenever a lot of data can be analyzed for machine learning, AI programs can also outpace experts. As early as late 2017, a program was unveiled in China that used a flood of data from 53 medical textbooks, 2 million medical records and 400.000 medical texts and reports, as well as with clinical experiences and case diagnoses was fed. The medical exam was not a difficulty, now the smart robot is to assist doctors in diagnosis, whose work could then be reduced to manual skills, unless surgical robots lend a hand (AI program better than humans at understanding natural language).

Sim usama should help

US Navy School Works on a Computer Simulation of the Terrorist Al Qaeda Network

Still comes with the good old saying "Make Love, Not was!" advertised. And the product appearing in the middle of November the Sims – Hot Date. Behind it hides a so-called expansion pack for the popular simulation game, which then with the love life of the artificial Sims-being "Fool, smooch" and to bring other beautiful things to the front man.

So far, so cuddly. But even with the Sims the world has herself after the 11. September a little changed. If you feel like it, as an additional game character (Say: Skin) is now a certain usama bin Ladin download (the Mac version is available, for example, here). Whether the influx of the state fine Numero 1 will follow the so harmonious neighborhood so far, however, must only be investigated in an exemplary test.

5 Weeks on suspicion in individual

What a German-Moroccan countered, who wanted to visit a flight school in the USA

For weeks, the mass settings have been suspected in the US after the 11.September reports (Liberty this by Inches). Often an Arabic-sounding name ranged to disappear in the prison for unlimited time. Human rights organizations in the US and abroad criticized these fundamental rights contributors (all right). But they hardly found obedience.

Now it became known that a German-Moroccan in Darmstadt also became visor to the authorities. Hossain El-Quariagei already had before the 11.September planned to complete a flight school in Las Vegas in the USA. But it should not come to that. Already when entering the 12.October he was arrested in Pittsburgh from security forces and immediately brought into the pristine where he had to bring fun weeks into individual. Any contact with other sticking lengths was forbidden him. As it turned out that he had neither contact with Islamic groups, nor anything with the striking of the 11.September to do, but Quariagei was not released, but because of visa fraud to a prison sentence of six months sentenced. The intestinal day had simply called a residence reason when entering the entry and not specified the flight lessons.

Russia: escalation in media cinema
Russia: escalation in media cinema

Propaganda, Sovereignty of Interpretation and Possible Progress in the Information War between Russia and the West

The Telepolis Salon "Russia – Escalation in Media Cinema" with the guests Matthias Brockers and Prof. Dr. Michael Meyenfound in the Munich Lovelace on 16. May 2018 instead. The doyen of all conspiracy theory experts in Germany, Matthias Brockers, is author of the book "We are the good guys. The views of a Putin-understanding or how we are manipulated by the media". Michael Meyen is a professor at the Institute for Communication Studies and Media Research at LMU Munich and a member of the Critical Communication Studies Network. His latest book: "Breaking News: The world in a state of emergency". We show the livestream of the talks with the following discussion.

We have a truth problem with Russia. It makes even the doubt go crazy. The good old western "School of doubt" as a method to find the truth does not help much, if the doubt itself is made out as the devil of the Russian destabilization method.