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How to ruin a crisis state?

Five ingredients for a recipe for success

1. Fight the single market by forcing wage cuts, pension cuts, benefit cuts and a reduction in government investment. Justify your compulsory purchases with the argument that an economy can save itself healthily as soon as all actors – state, private households and economy – tighten their belts.

2. Scare off all potential domestic and foreign investors by stating at regular intervals over a period of years that this state is on the verge of its "last chance" and thus shortly before the collapse.

Sluts, manipulators, wrong

About the lack of honesty of the researchers

Scientists are only human, and when they do research, like everyone else, they make mistakes. Sloppy work happens all the time, but some people sign their name to articles they don’t really know the content of, others change their research approach because funders like it, or ignore data because it doesn’t fit the desired outcome. The leaders even falsify the results.

Scientific studies enjoy a high credibility. The published results should be comprehensible, actually worked out by the stated authors themselves, and nothing should be concealed. Science should have integrity, researchers should be unbiased and incorruptible, all study data should be available. This is the claim that is in the room. In fact, there have always been cases of manipulation, intellectual theft and falsehood in the history of science.

Dyslexia in chinese

Dyslexia in symbolic languages has different neural causes than dyslexia in letter languages

Dyslexia may not have a universal cause, it could be conditioned differently depending on the culture. This is what a team of researchers from the Department of Linguistics at the University of Hong Kong and the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda found when they tested Chinese children suffering from dyslexia. In the latest Nature, the group reports their findings.

Once a dyslexic, always a dyslexic

Dyslexia is one of the most common disorders in school achievement. Approximately 5 percent of students in a grade are affected. They falter when reading, omit words, letters or syllables or mix them up. In addition, there are grammatical and punctuation errors. Dyslexics have difficulties learning to read, but this does not make them dumber, less able to learn or even lazy. Even if there are ways to train against reading weaknesses: Dyslexics remain dyslexics for life.

Iran: hardliners and clerics die from covid-19
Iran: hardliners and clerics die of covid-19

Image by iXimus on Pixabay

The epidemic causes several deaths among the Iranian elite. Regime denounces U.S. sanctions

Coronavirus has so far claimed 145 lives among 5823 infected people in Iran, according to Iranian Health Ministry spokesman Dr. Kianush Jahanpur, at 7. Marz shared. Currently, 16.000 suspected cases to be treated in hospitals in Iranian major cities. In some areas, 40 percent of those hospitalized are reported to have recovered, Jahanpur said. 1.669 patients reportedly discharged from hospitals after recovery.

“It is not forbidden to profess satanism”

Children turn into baboons, strangers into snakes – the fear of Satanism is spreading in Zimbabwe. In dem wirtschaftlich am Boden liegenden Land droht eine Verfolgungswelle

One should not get the idea that superstition is only a matter of lack of education. The roughly 12 million Zimbabweans are perhaps the most educated nation in Africa, with the continent’s highest literacy rate at 92 percent and a functioning higher education system. At the same time, Zimbabwe currently has a Satanism problem.

In the Sud African country, fear of Satanism has spread in recent months. After riots broke out at several schools, Education Department set up commission to investigate Satanism trap.

Against a neoliberalism with aristotle

About Amartya Sens "economy for the human being"

The data dandy shows a disturbing kinship with the politician who also imposes himself on us with meaningless statements and simply does not want to give way. Now that the political classes have discovered the media in their death throes, they can’t get out of it and develop dandyish moves. The data dandy appears in the void of politics that has remained since the counterculture dissolved in a dialectical synthesis with the system. There he turns out to be an adversary as endearing as he is false, to the coarse fury of politicians who regard their young-pragmatic dandyism as a journalistic device and not per se as a personal goal. They vent their anger on journalists, experts and personalities who form the random round of discussions on the studio floor, where the authority over the direction is the only subject of conversation. But they have a rough time with the data dandy, who does not want to be a fair opponent and fails to ask critical questions. Our bon viveur delights in all the banality on display and takes absolutely no offense at the indefinable endeavor of.

Bilweit Agency

Life as a table-“customer”
Life as a table'kunde'

About the concrete life situation of poor people in the big city

The idea of the food banks is an integral part of neoliberal politics and at the same time a cheap concept for waste disposal, because the products of the food banks are mainly goods whose expiration date has been reached or exceeded and which therefore can no longer be sold. Disposing of the waste by handing it over to the food banks is cheaper than disposing of it on gauze for a fee. Not even transport costs arise, because the Tafeln fetch the food.

The number of people who pick up food from the 940 food banks in Germany has been rising steadily for years. In 2019, it increased by 10 percent to 1.65 million people, ten percent more than in the previous year. Since the beginning of the "Blackboard movement", The governmental authorities have strongly demanded the institutionalization of the Tafeln, also in order to be able to keep the benefit amounts for the payments as low as possible in accordance with the Social Security Code II/Hartz-IV.

Greece: the small war between the press and the government
Greece: the small war between press and government

French President Hollande at weekend Mediterranean summit with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, who currently prefers to avoid critical media. Image: W. Aswestopoulos

After the Greek government limited the number of television channels authorized to broadcast nationwide to four, this has caused an uproar among the television journalists concerned

Four rough channels, Alpha TV, Star TV, Epsilon, Mega, as well as the smaller ART channel, must cease operations within ninety days, effectively by the end of November. The nerves of the journalists, cameramen, sound technicians, video technicians and other production assistants who are threatened with unemployment are on edge. The entire opposition finds fault with the government’s actions.

Gentech company mixes up own seed varieties

Control mechanisms failed for years

Corn with resistance gene to the antibiotic ampicillin was planted and fed in high quantities – to animals and people.

"There has been a mix-up", admits Syngenta spokesman Markus Payer. For four years, the Swiss-based biotech company allegedly "accidentally" produced seed of the unapproved genetically modified corn variety Bt10 and then sold it as seed of the – approved – variety Bt11.

Corona: danemarks special routes
Corona: Danemarks special routes

Social Democratic Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen. Image: News Oresund / CC by 2.0

Government wants "Sustainable and transparent" Convert the concept that should drive end-to-current from the current Lockdown

Until 23. Marz wants the head of government Mette Frederiksen with all parties in Parliament have developed a strategy, so Danemark according to their ideas for the merban catch "In the best possible position is".