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The case after the bang

At the end of November, Israel’s head of government cared Ariel Sharon with his exit from the Likud block for excitement. Now he has disappeared from the country’s political life

The Basic of Kadima, the new party of Ariel Scharon, had been a small sensation: Not only did the Israeli prime minister had the Likud block, that party he said in 1974, Liebewohl, but also a collecting tank for politicians of the left and created the conservative equally. Hardly any day passed the media does not register the entry of another prominent politician, journalists or academics. But Kadima always moved to the person’s Person: The Through Prime Minister was the party; Its popularity with the electors was what the party made in the surveys – a fact that the curiosity could now be dangerous: A week ago Ariel Sharon suffered a serious stroke, followed by massive brain bleeding. Even if he should ever recover, he will not return to political life. The policy must therefore quickly set itself on a new realitation. Because on the 28. Marz is chosen in Israel.

The party tailored to Sharon Kadima now has to do without him

The monetary system is not the problem
The monetary system is not the problem

Image: Central Bank (ECB) in the background, business bank (Commerzbank) in the foreground. Photo: Jorg Gastmann

Hardly any topic wastes so much "APO energy" Like the monetary system. A quick overview of the most important reason to get off this dead horse

The fact that the Auberparlia Lamentary opposition (APO) reaches so little in Germany is mainly due to their deservation. If you want a change of our economic system, you should see everything from the Sherlock-Holmes method, which is not the addressed problem, is not implementable or is not polarity. Among the remaining alternatives must then be the solution – if there is one.

The internet does not belong to the broadcasters

Commentary on the fee plans of the public broadcasters

Did you know: "The dual broadcasting system is the simultaneous existence of public and private broadcasters. These differ primarily in the way they are financed."Perhaps the marketing people of the GEZ – financed by us – simply did not think properly when they tried to find a definition for the German broadcasting system on their own website. It is more likely, however, that the fee collectors have simply put into words the way of thinking that now apparently prevails in the executive suites of the broadcasting companies: public broadcasting differs from private competition solely by the way it is financed – and not, for example, by the quality of its programming.

Instead of using the money paid by viewers to develop new, innovative programs, ARD and ZDF have been copying the supposedly successful formats of the private broadcasters for years and taking over the creators along with them with roughly paid long-term contracts: From Beckmann and Kerner to Pilawa and Schmidt… Sometimes staff is poached from each other, as in the case of folk music actress Carmen Nebel, who switched from ARD to ZDF two years ago at horrendous conditions. Those who bring in quotas apparently have fool’s license at the broadcasting stations. The obvious surreptitious advertising actions of Reinhold Beckmann for the insurance group WWK and Johannes B. Kerner for the low-cost airline Air Berlin in their fee-financed broadcasts on ARD and ZDF. ZDF (crash landing in the media) remained without consequences. In return, the two permanent talkers are allowed to have their shows produced in their own production companies, similar to Harald Schmidt, and to cash in several times: as presenters, producers and shareholders.

“The biggest cause of corruption in afghanistan was the u.s”

Opium in Afghanistan. Image: davric/free

For more than 10 years, the CIA pumped "Ghost Money" in plastic tubes and suitcases to the Karzai government

With money, secret services and militar you can buy everything and steer the world history into the right tracks. This was the amption of the Bush administration when it launched the Global War on Terror (GWOT) after 9/11 and invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. With military superiority, it was easy to overthrow Taliban rule and Hussein’s dictatorship. But already at the beginning of the war, the warlords’ favor was bought in order to use them against the Taliban. Then the hope is that the liberated people will follow their liberators, establish a U.S.-oriented democracy and open the door to profits for U.S. corporations and their allies.

Over 50 degrees and mafias
Uber 50 degrees and mafiamilias

Screenshot Video al-Jazeera/YouTube

Iraq: The legacy of the US occupation

On Thursday, 51 degrees Celsius was reported as the highest temperature in Baghdad, last week record temperatures of 54 degrees were reported. This is nothing new. There have been such reports regularly for years (for example: "The most yeasty city in the world", NBC 2015).

German site care

Why Josef Ackermann, Attac and Lafontaine once almost agree

A few months ago, they were still laughed when they had bet that the boss of Deutsche Bank Josef Ackermann and the globalization-critical network Attac once agree. Finally, Ackermann was considered the globalization critics as one of those "greedy managers", whom Attac has announced the fight. But a few days ago was amazing to horen from the lunch of banking: "Banks alone can not save the situation anymore."Then came the sentence that could almost make him the Attac honorary member. "I do not believe in the self-healing force of the market."

In fact, Ackermann was immediately supported by Stephan Schilling, Member of the Attac Coordinating Council: "Sectors, such as the banking industry, bringing all the economies into danger, under democratic control," he said.

Save the mir

Rubland is desperately looking for ways to keep the national symbol in space

How to proceed with the 13-year-old MIR is still not entirely decided. The station has become a national symbol that bears witness to the technical achievements that were possible in the days of the Soviet Union. But now there is no more money for further operation – and the station has long been dependent on foreign funds. The Russian participation in the International Space Station also keeps stuttering and causing delays due to financial difficulties. However, from a nationalist point of view, the International Space Station is just not as good as the MIR to occupy (difficulties of the Russians with the ISS).

Until the end of August, the last crew for the time being stayed on the now obsolete and storanfalligen MIR. Then Viktor Afanasyev, Sergei Avdeyev and Jean-Pierre Haignere leave the station and switch over to automatic operation. Next year it will be scrapped by dropping it to the ground.

Offentlich-rechtliche: “a program that tends to be too one-sided”
Offentlich-rechtliche:'ein tendenziell zu einseitiges programm'

Thorolf Lipp, filmmaker and board member of AG DOK, on the difficult state of documentaries at ARD and Co.

Broadcasting a soccer game or showing a well-made feature-length documentary film? The public broadcasters are setting clear priorities – in the direction of sports. This catch-all is documentary filmmaker Thorolf Lipp, who addresses imbalances in the public-law system in a two-part interview with Telepolis.

The film producer, who is also a member of the board of directors of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Dokumentarfilm (AG DOK), describes in an interview that for the broadcasting costs of a soccer match in the Nations League alone, 40 "long documentaries financed" could be, "which certainly had a much higher added value in the sense of the Interstate Broadcasting Treaty, because they demanded democracy and contributed to diversity" Contribute have been. Restructuring in program and budget, according to Lipp, is indispensable here in order to fulfill the broadcasting mission appropriately.

“Not a step back”

Interview with alvaro Uribe Velez, the most promising and ultra-right candidate in the Colombian presidential elections on 26 May. May

alvaro Uribe Velez is considered the most promising candidate in Colombia’s presidential elections on 26. May. With its slogan "Hard hand, big heart" He is highly popular with the electorate, who see him as the man to end the internal Colombian conflict. Among observers, he is considered an ultra-right candidate who is said to have had close contacts with drug traffickers and paramilitaries in the past. Although Uribe Velez presents himself as a clean-cut man, his authoritarian discourse and unanswered questions about his past are causing polarization within Colombia. The right-wing paramilitaries see Uribe Velez as their candidate and openly support him in the electoral campaign in several regions of the country.

How independent are the facebook fact checkers??
How independent are the facebook fact checkers?

After Facebook started a questionable political fact-checking program in Germany two years ago, it is now launching a parallel project in the UK, again supported by various super-rich people

The idea that the growing distrust in established institutions is based to a considerable extent on false information that deliberately misleads people and should therefore be corrected centrally has gained influence in recent years – unsurprisingly, especially in the established institutions themselves.

There, people are increasingly relying on fact checkers, which are supposed to take wide-ranging action against disinformation. Facebook is now working with fact-checking organizations in more than 20 countries to check whether questionable, frequently shared news and articles are factual. False claims are subsequently downgraded in their visibility to Facebook users. That as "false" declared is henceforth harder to find, fewer people see it.