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Anarcho car racing with Acclaims "Burnout 2: Point of Impact"

Dense story and simulation realism Ade, speedless and joy in the danger Hello: Burnout 2: Point of Impact is on the limit, without random to other road users – do not try this in your own car!

The asthetics of the crash was already one of the high points in Acclaims "burnout". Where other games acknowledge an accident with a time penalty, gonnost "burnout" the (for some fellow humans quite dubious) enjoyment of the detailed, from different camera perspectives repeated from different camera perspectives. This crash asthetics was in its detailed loyalty to the hallmark of the game, this initially welcome and varied scenery is prepared by the man on the controller, of course, a doubtful pleasure, replacing the repeated crash the cute time penalty, costs him any repeated bersting window pane valuable advantage.

Google’s quantum computer achieves stage victory

100 million times faster than a PC, the Google machine solved a special optimization task, but the breakthrough to a wonder computer is still a long way off

A tidy sum, $15 million, was put on the table by Google and NASA in May 2013 – for a computer whose possibilities were still in the dark at the time. But the promise of the Canadian manufacturer D-Wave system lured the Internet company as well as the space agency: It is a certain class of quantum computer, specialized in solving so-called hard optimization problems. These calculators are called "adiabatic quantum computers".

Google and NASA are particularly interested in optimization tasks. What is it about? Often there are many solutions for a practical task, but they are of different quality. An example is "Problem of the traveling salesman". He wants to visit several cities by car. There are many ways, but some are faster, or shorter, or they are at favorable gas stations, etc.? Which one to choose?

Looking at each other

Culture Shock USA – Part II

In the past few years, relations between the German government and the US administration have not been the best. How do Americans see Germany today? And vice versa…

Just before Christmas, I took a break between meetings with people from the energy industry and environmental groups to visit my family. On the very first night, I met all of my father’s pharmacy colleagues at an informal Christmas party. My father announced that his new pharmacist partner was looking forward to finally getting to know me personally.

Triumph of cruelty

Aggression against the U.S. occupation force has exploded in an orgy of violence in Fallujah – and as almost always, the media has been there to provide the images

Sometimes conflicts are decided by images. This is especially true in so-called asymmetric conflicts, in which a highly ruthless and superior military force is confronted with a far inferior, but for all that elusive and often cruel opponent – and the media are always in between. When 18 U.S. soldiers were killed in Somalia in 1993 as part of the UN mission "Restore Hope" were shot down by a helicopter of type "Black Hawk" When some of the people were killed and their bodies dragged through the mud of the streets by a jeering crowd, this marked the end of the operation. Is the same thing happening in Iraq??

Triumph of cruelty

Even children are infected by the cruel celebration of triumph. Photo: al-Jazeera

Volvo in crisis

High fuel prices are causing sales of Volvo’s rough cars to plummet in Sweden, too

Volvo has long stood for "safety with Swedish steel" in Germany, but this concept is no longer particularly contemporary. Rising fuel prices and the environmental discourse are causing noticeable sales problems for the voluminous Volvo sleds today. In the homeland Sweden one speaks of a Volvo crisis.

Volvo means "I roll," but that doesn’t apply to the SUV monster XC90, which remains on the showroom floor in the primary sales country, the U.S., and elsewhere. And just a few years ago, the XC models (XC stands for Cross Country) were Sweden’s biggest single export in the USA.