Synworld opens

Multi-event with exhibition, conference, website poses important questions of digital culture and is entertaining at the same time

A concerted offer on several levels offers the multi-event organized by Public Netbase in Vienna "Synworld". Applications of Artificial Intelligence technologies in games will be shown as well as high-tech art by Ulrike Gabriel, Knowbotic Research and Keisuke Oki. A whole series of artists from the Net.Art Lager has created works based on the Unreal Game Engine, with programming support from t0/Public Netspace, but universities and architects are also in the program. Game and military technologies, 3D simulations and information design ies related to architecture and urbanity are addressed. The website is more than just an exhibition catalog and offers its own sphere of experience. However, the typical Austrian design in techno-constructivism look devours quite a bit of bandwidth and has sold out to the plug-in devil. Whoever overcomes this hurdle will be rewarded with ample "Content" rewarded.

SYNWORLD once again proves the trend that it is not the established electronic art festivals and media technology centers that know how to formulate topics in a contemporary way, but independent organizers. So rather technically interested can already look at "Wizards of OS" which will take place in Berlin in July and is organized by the Mikro association. It will be about the operating system of the future, as well as about "open source" as a keyword for a new, net-appropriate practice for the creation, whether of code or content. Meanwhile, certain electronic festivals and centers are on the ropes, celebrating their spatachtziger-appearances.

Telepolis collaborates with Synworld on the content level. A selection of Synworld texts will appear here in the near future.