Russia will use east-ukrainian “people’s republics” have to feed through

The Russian investigative committee writes Ukrainian defense minister for "War Crimes" to the manhunt. Kiev counters with the same accusations

Russia keeps up its prere on the government in Kiev. On Thursday, Vladimir Putin declared at the international investors’ conference that the "Russia calling!", Ukraine can maintain its territorial integrity only if it secures the rights of its citizens. Only if "no one because of his language or ethnic origin or faith" Ukraine could become a member of the "return to their unity and ensure the development of the economy and the social sphere".

Russian President Putin at the Investment Forum "Russia Calling". Picture: Kremlin

There is no doubt in Moscow that the citizens of eastern Ukraine are subject to massive discrimination. Increasingly, Russian media are talking about a "Genocide" of the Russian-speaking population in the self-proclaimed "People’s Republics".

On Thursday, the Russian Investigative Committee announced that it had been investigated for "War Crimes" Ukrainian Defense Minister Valery Geletey, the head of the Ukrainian General Staff Viktor Mushenko, and the commander of the 25. The Ukrainian brigade of Oleg Mikas has been put on international alert. If Kiev does not support the manhunt, they will turn to the Russian authorities "International judicial bodies" contact. The Investigative Committee is an independent state organization that works in parallel with the Prosecutor General’s Office.

Use of rocket launchers and tactical missiles

Muschenko and Mikas had given orders, "with the aim of completely annihilating the national group of Russian speakers living on the territory of the self-proclaimed Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics", according to a statement by the Russian Investigative Committee. Defense Minister Geletey had tolerated the war criminal orders. Against several cities in eastern Ukraine the Ukrainian militars had launched rocket launchers of the type "Grade" and "Uragan", used Kasset bombs and the Tochka-U tactical missile. As a result "3.000 people killed and 5.000 injured" have been.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Geletey is known for his harsh accusations against Russia. In September, he had claimed that Russian troops had shelled Lugansk airport with nuclear weapons. Geletej announced Ukraine must reconsider its nuclear-weapon-free status if the West does not support Ukraine’s "against Russia" protect.

Kiev: "We do not blame on civilians"

The Ukrainian military leadership has always stated against Russian accusations that the Ukrainian troops were not pushing civilians. The insurgents were accused of pushing on Ukrainian soldiers from apartments and houses. The "Russian propaganda" was worse than "the fascist and Soviet" Propaganda, declared the adviser to the Ukrainian Interior Minister, Anton Gerashenko, after Russian media reported last week on the discovery of three graves containing nine civilians near the village of Nizhnaya Krynka in the Donetsk region (Shot in the head in eastern Ukraine mass grave).

The chairman of the Donetsk republic, Aleksandr Zakharchenko, later reported that a total of 40 mass graves with dead bodies had been found. According to Gerashenko, the people buried in the graves near the village of Nizhnaya Krynka were not civilians "probably" around Ukrainian soldiers.

After the gruesome discovery at Nizhnaya Krynka, Ukrainian media are again reporting on mass graves where separatists allegedly buried civilians. A grave with three bodies was found in the village of Nikolayevka, according to media reports. The place is located not far from the city of Slavyansk. The town was captured by Ukrainian troops at the beginning of July. After the capture of Slavyansk, Ukrainian security forces found there a mass grave with allegedly 15 dead bodies.

No pensions from Kiev for the pensioners in the "People’s Republics"

Since a ceasefire was agreed in eastern Ukraine three weeks ago, insurgents have controlled about a quarter of the territory of Ukraine’s Donetsk and Lugansk administrative districts. The two major cities of Lugansk and Donetsk are also under insurgent control. Only Donetsk airport is still being fought over.

In particular, the situation is difficult for pensioners living in the insurgent-controlled areas, because Kiev no longer pays old-age pensions to these pensioners. Pensioners who want to receive pensions from the Ukrainian pension fund must re-register outside the insurgent-controlled areas. But change of place is often impossible for the old people.

However, whether all pensioners in the self-proclaimed "People’s Republics" from the new power pensions received, is unclear. The speaker of the Donetsk parliament-"Republic", Boris Litvinov, announced in early September that they were ready to receive retirement pensions amounting to 1.800 hryvnia (112 euros) to pay. However, claimants had to submit an application. Litvinov explained that there were still problems with the database.

The most important part of the supply of the population in the areas controlled by insurgents has apparently been taken over by Russia. Preparations are underway for the fourth Russian convoy of trucks with humanitarian aid to eastern Ukraine.

"Full financial support from Russia necessary"

Moscow political scientist Alexei Makarkin of the Moscow Center for Political Technology told Nezavisimaya Gazeta that the trade in coal alone would not be enough to bring about the end of the war "People’s Republics" do not cover their expenses, which is why "Russia fully financially support the Donetsk People’s Republic" must. Moscow economics professor Aleksandr Mikhailenko said Russia already had "experience" with unrecognized republics such as Transnistria, Sudossetia and Abkhazia, which belonged to Moldova and Georgia respectively until 1990, seceded in civil wars and are financially supported by Russia.

The government, led by Aleksandr Zakharchenko, the chairman of the Donetsk-"Republic", The political scientist Makarkin described the magical intention to introduce the Russian ruble as an official currency as a "republic" "speculation", because the ruble can become the official currency only if Russia stops speculation "People’s Republics" recognized.

Moscow is exerting its influence on the separatists

The separatists’ dependence on financial aid from Moscow also meant that Russia "People’s Republics" increasingly co-determined. Until July, the Donetsk and Lugansk-"Republic" forces were strong, limiting the influence of the oligarchs, as well as mines and steel mills in the Donetsk and Lugansk republics "nationalize" wanted. The oligarch Rinat Akhmetov was to be forced to resign in the Donetsk-"Republic" taxes, which the latter, however, strictly refused to do.

However, this social-revolutionary course did not please Moscow. From mid-July, well-known politicians and militars appeared in Donetsk-"Republic" – apparently after prere from Moscow – back. In mid-July, the chairman of the Donetsk Supreme Council of the-"Republic", Denis Pushilin, his post. In mid-August, the defense minister of the Donetsk-"Republic", Igor Strelkov, resigned.

According to a report published Wednesday by Novaya Gazeta, the dispute in Moscow over the right course in eastern Ukraine is not over yet. For example, the investigation against the well-known Russian billionaire Vladimir Yevtushenkov, chairman of the supervisory board of the company "Sistema", in connection with the Donetsk region. Yevtushenkov is now under house arrest for an alleged theft of shares. According to investigations by Novaya Gazeta, he was "patron" of the "Russian Orthodox oligarch" Konstantin Malofeyev. The latter is said to have sponsored the resigned defense minister of the Donetsk Republic, Igor Strelkov, and his radical comrades-in-arms. The fact that Moscow entrepreneurs in the Donetsk-"Republic" The Kremlin did not like the idea of doing politics on one’s own.