Live beyond the uberhallspur

Anarcho car racing with Acclaims "Burnout 2: Point of Impact"

Dense story and simulation realism Ade, speedless and joy in the danger Hello: Burnout 2: Point of Impact is on the limit, without random to other road users – do not try this in your own car!

The asthetics of the crash was already one of the high points in Acclaims "burnout". Where other games acknowledge an accident with a time penalty, gonnost "burnout" the (for some fellow humans quite dubious) enjoyment of the detailed, from different camera perspectives repeated from different camera perspectives. This crash asthetics was in its detailed loyalty to the hallmark of the game, this initially welcome and varied scenery is prepared by the man on the controller, of course, a doubtful pleasure, replacing the repeated crash the cute time penalty, costs him any repeated bersting window pane valuable advantage.

Live beyond the uberhallspur

On cloth florification with the oncoming traffic

Not quite as excessive "Burnout 2: Point of Impact" (The name is program) of the stylistic accident Voyeurism. Less is more: only an outdoor view of the impact is enough, the player brings at least a brief moment of the "Rest" and the view of the outdoor world of my own danger in which he recognizes whether at least the comrades fall to their own crash also to the victim or avoid with an evasive manob. The true crash fetishist still comes and even more in its own game mode at his expense – but later.

In front of the race, the for GameCube, Xbox and PlayStation 2 relies on "Burnout 2" The driving school, the name of which "Offensive Driving 101" Close to that in the game a different driving way than on the strain that has already requested us since driving schools the defensive driving has been announced. The offensive driving school teaches the Burnout driver, on the other hand, that a race is only to win by observing attack-sensitive basic rules: driving close uberholmanover, boards on the opposite lane, use every dip to jump and drifting through curves.

Clear thing: The game is neither realistic in the sense of a simulation nor Politically Correct. More than the Midtown Madness"-Series (cf. With Tempo 120 through the city center) of Microsoft Game Studios or Segas Crazy Taxi Strand the player the remaining traffic with contempt. The crash, which the own car is not falling victim, becomes a bliss. Moral concerns in the accident of the leader in the semitrailer – Nowel. The only concern: the accident Domino, which inevitably excludes a crash, to avoid to take the guided one.

Live beyond the uberhallspur

In the pursuit, contact is exexerable

Over the (almost inevitable) own unfalle, the game leading to the entire career book, so the player always can make a picture of which damage he has already done. At the point, a small calming for moral conjunctions: people exist in the game neither graphically – the inflat of strategize before bumps and glass splinters, but for all over blood – nor statistical.

Despite the asthetics of the crash, the largely accident-free ride is a key to victory, but are not the only one: without the in "Offensive Driving 101" Learned driving manorers, the player nevertheless behind the counterparty: the courage to risk rewarded "Burnout 2" as already the process with the canal of the Boost meter, which fully incorporated a post-burner to the player. The art of reuning is that once stored on display can not be stored. A boost on the opposite lane or the drift during the boost fills the display postwend again, so that good timing for a long-way stretch can be measured almost with duration afterburner.

As with race games, the player at the beginning only a limited number of routes, vehicles and game modes are available at the beginning. After the driving school he is allowed to measure himself in the single race or the championship with other drivers and in time-attack only at the clock. The crash mode deserves a special focus, whose single goal is to cause a potential expensive accident. In total threeslled scenarios, the player races into the traffic and collects damage points, whereby the calculated (purely financial) damage is multiplied by the number of vehicles involved in the accident. The higher levels have a sophisticated puzzle character: For a gold medal then the matching car must be taken, so that your own cars stand up in the right direction in the impact to make a lot of damage from the air if possible. Remains only to hope that no traffic rowsdy "Burnout 2" Arrangers and the game (which the age release 6 carries out) to Counterstrike among racing.

Target flight on expensive cars in crash mode

The mostly normal race events takes place in championship mode. Here the player rides several distances in a row and turns new Grand Prixs with a victory in the overall standings. The gain of all gold medals of a Grand Prixs Offeto Books One-on-One Race, where the player winning the opposing car with a victory. In addition, the player may also stop a fleeing vehicle in the Pursuit mode with a police car – wherein sheet contact is excellent, because the fleeing vehicle must be sufficiently damaged at a predetermined route to lay it lame. Offeted after the third tracked tracking races "Burnout 2" The Pursuit variant as its own mode – also as a two-player duel.

Cash pays in the game only for the accident statistics and highscore list: new cars are not bought, but simply "Experienced" – As a winner of a Grand Prix or – The Fast and The Furious Leave pits – in one-on-one. Oh, the high scorelist: Of course, not only the best times are listed here, but also the manobs like the longest time on the counterspur, the best drift and then – how could it be different – the most expensive crash.

Live beyond the uberhallspur

Missed Uhall attempt in the two-player duel

After the player won all the Grand Prixs of the Championship, he is allowed to stimulate himself in the Custom Series Championship in Grand Prix race with faster cars. These races drove over the same courses as the normal championship, but for example, the airport price is turned over, the counterparties thus drive against the fleeing traffic. On other routes, simply only the opposite lane is open to avoid an accident of the forest man on the motorway exit becomes impossible here – so simple is the life of the ghost driver obviously not.

Live beyond the uberhallspur

"Burnout 2: Point of Impact" If there is no time with a story or fine setting on the cart dependency, sends the player in Arcade Racing, which lives less of the exact knowledge of the route and the ideal line than from the fast reaction of the player. Detailed graphics, a grippy control and – you just have to admit – the magnificent crashs make Acclaims game to one of the best arcade racers for next generation consoles.