How to ruin a crisis state?

Five ingredients for a recipe for success

1. Fight the single market by forcing wage cuts, pension cuts, benefit cuts and a reduction in government investment. Justify your compulsory purchases with the argument that an economy can save itself healthily as soon as all actors – state, private households and economy – tighten their belts.

2. Scare off all potential domestic and foreign investors by stating at regular intervals over a period of years that this state is on the verge of its "last chance" and thus shortly before the collapse.

3. Treat this state publicly as an unteachable schoolboy, but avoid both massive prere and massive aid when it comes to its real weaknesses: realization of tax revenues, officialdom, corruption and cronyism.

4. Insist that the priority task of the state budget is the punctual payment of its debt interest. Spending on poverty alleviation, health care, and refugee assistance should be subordinated to this. Postpone measures to reduce the interest burden as long as possible.

5. Drop the state like a hot potato as soon as it is governed by a party you don’t like. Ensure that this party is held accountable for the collapse in the public perception.