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Game Developer with History: Capcom

At the end of the 70s a boom started: the common people rose into the fight human-counter-computer. Thanks to the madness text of Space Invaders and Pac Man, allerort’s slot machines shot out of the ground. Kids in Japan were even causing a munet shortage. Based on the term Capsule Communicator, which referred to the contact person to the spacecraft in the Mission Control Center (NASA aircraft monitoring center), reason Kenzo Tsujimoto 1979 the Japanese company Capsule Computers.

Action from Japan

Capcom’s boss floor with company primary Kenzo Tsujimoto (center)

After successful years of production and distribution of slot machines, the company renamed for the short form CapCom in 1984 rose even in the business of the video game developer: "Vulgus" Stretched the very first Capcom game, a vertically scrolling shoot’em-up, in which a freely controlling of the spaceship UFO fleets had to destroy.

Everything is all: Already at Vulgus, Capcom’s first computer game above, BallerAction was roughly written.

The same principle improved CAPCOM a few months later with the ball game machine 1942 and landed a Uber-Hit. It was followed by titles, whose portings and successors also released for computers or game consoles as C64, Amiga, Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, Playstation or XBox, and the industry crucially shapely with: 1943, Bionic Commando, Final Fight, Ghosts , N Goblins or Street Fighters are UR games that are circulating in the network today or are distributed as a classic collection of consoles like PlayStation 2 or PSP.

Action from Japan

Ghosts, GOBLINS conquered the heart of all gamers in the middle of the 80s. In the fight against zombies and Damons, Knights Arthur pleated and the player ranges with the extremely high degree of difficulty.

The 80s were a profitable decade for CAPCOM, in which the company grew and a fertile foundation. Right to dig up the Japanese in the 90s: Games like Resident Evil or Marvel VS. Capcom are cult.

Action from Japan

What seemed immunity 20 years ago: Shortty Ritter Arthur celebrated a fulminant comeback. However, not in the centrifugal machine game, but in the handy PlayStation-Prorable format – "Ultimate Ghosts, Goblins".

Instead of depending on the development of sports games, Capcom concentrated after 2000 on action games, laid killer 7 or viewtiful Joe innovative titles with the unusual CEL shade graphics titles.

Action from Japan

"Killer 7" Was a sense of shooter of a special kind, not only because of the cartoon-adhesive cell shade graphics – also the unconventional control and exciting, for a game demanding story lifted it from other games.

Series like Devil May Cry or Onimusha conquered despite, or just because of their Japanese design also Western Market. Brands like Resident Evil rescued Capcom 2005 with the fourth part before the sinking, but Final Fight with Final Fight StreetWise in front of the tree.

Action from Japan

The Resident Evil series is one of the pre-fender brands Capcoms and the all the more since 2005, as the first-class fourth part of Nintendo Gamecube and months later for Playstation 2 appeared. "Resident Evil 4" Appears on 22.02.2007 also for PC.

The new generation of game consoles has convinced CapCom as no other manufacturer started: exclusively for Xbox 360 appeared in September 2006 the Zombiejagd game "Dead Rising", that was not published because of its history violence in Germany.

Action from Japan

Zombies in the department store: "Dead Rising" For Xbox 360 had no age rating by the USK (entertainment software self-control) and was thus indexed to be indexed. For Microsoft’s applies to such traps: not unopptured in Germany.

Dafur came in January this year of the third-person shooter "Lost Planet: Extreme Condition", One of the top action games currently.

Action from Japan

Cute the little ones: A swarm of insectic aliens stumbles on the player of "Lost Planet: Extreme Condition" to.

The futuristic story is flat like an action movie from the 80s, but it will be set out between the missions, which in turn are divided into memory sections, exports: the earth is flat and humanity throughout the all. The EIsPlanet EDN III has habitable, only sticking points are Arctic cold and enemy creatures.

Using advanced protective suspected technology, fueled with thermal energy, you manage to keep the body warm. In the fight against Duster Nevec soldiers and their students use a group of snowpirates this power and sends their best man Wayne, the role of the player, looking at the search. The insectal aliens (similar to the aliens in "Starship Troopers", so-called scraps, pies with him on every corner, but are full of thermal energy. The smallest among them decipers red glued nests and buzz around in blackmen. After your death, scraps leave thermal energy, which takes Wayne with a harmonizer and stores. At the same time he loses constant energy that warms the body. Even on a light difficulty, the player occurs sometimes in exciting threads.

A coarse scratch specimen "Lost Planet"

Mostly, however, a rich source is located in the immediate vicinity: charging stations whose code cracks and thus activated must be activated or medium-grated scraps that emerge in the snowstorm and, they have a viewed, as in bloodrausch. Of them there are several types with different character: agile monster fly, truck-coarse spinning or overdimensional lobster. Every opponent has its own types of attacks and vulnerabilities. Curtay-like crabbler rolls Z.B. suddenly, to race with full steam through the picture or rushing huge corkses hypers and dramatically, they are once close enough. All, however, have theirs "Agileverse": A red pulsating body chamber, which is hardly armored, thermal energy contains and to be taken into sight – which depending on the position is not always easy. Since Waynes movement speed to FUB quite realistic behavior, hour is not rarely worried defenseless in corners. U. a. For this he has a practical auxiliary apparatus: a gripping hook rope attached to the arm, comparable to that of the hero from Bionic Commando. He also achieves high-facing platforms in seconds.

Action from Japan

Under the earth, there is such a ferility as above – "Lost Planet"

He finds weapons and ammunition scattered a wide variety of caliber and scattered in the landscape: machine and sharpening rifles, rocket launchers, plasma cannons, hand grenades, disc mines etc. Also, he can record heavier protection, which are especially marked and actually at his "Battle" belong. These various Robo vehicles are less common, occasionally hidden, and can be climbed by the push of a button. Wayne can be essential with you.B. High jumping, piercing, flying short distances or is agile and fast. Without she had Wayne against the not infrequently househohen boss at the end of each mission no chance.

Action from Japan

In the fighting suit, it fights better: End opponents, like here the hornet monster on the mountain peak, have anger in the stomach … Despite the romantic sunset scenario.

With "Lost Planet" Has Capcom arrived in a new video game age. The Japanese provide an exclusive Xbox 360 game, which is also the feeling that it is 100% by a NEXT generation title: no gammle meat trick was applied, in which only the upper texture layer of an OLD generation was used Programming was speepped. Although the playful claim is a typical Third person shooter, where the ongoing tape is clamped, tattered and blown up in the air, so has "Lost Planet" But that certain something – many reason that make a good action game: Tactical struggle against powerful monsters, bombings, orchestral soundtrack, fat weapons, icy atmosphere over- and volcanic scenario underground, detailed drawings, colorful effects, photorealistic fire and Rough explosions and an online mode that is at least as captivated as the almost twelve hours single gamingory: in a game, which can be determined in time and last half an hour, collecting up to 16 participants in two to four groups.

Action from Japan

In online multiplayer mode from Xbox Live (only with gold membership, which costs approximately five euros per month) there are different target versions. Here it is true to fill in the fight against another team, FunF stations (see display on the top left).

On rough, overview of areas of different scenarios, players conquer stations and rob each other’s energy. All races from single player mode, such as battleboys, weapons pain and natural gripping hooks, are still skilled here. The success that Capcom’s business year 2006 with "Lost Planet" how "Dead Rising" Successful, as both games broke through the millions of handler deliveries, earned and upcoming publications like "Devil May Cry 4" (Exclusive for PlayStation 3) and "Resident Evil 5" For PS3 and Xbox 360, action game fans are already expected to be tension.