Turkey: twitter blocked

The short message service had refused to delete links, according to authorities

Users with Turkic IP addresses have reportedly Hurriyet and Today’s Zaman According to last night, no more access to the short message service Twitter. On smartphone apps, only the message that the service cannot be loaded appears, and when you go to the Twitter website, you see text from the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority informing you that the service is blocked.

The reason given for the block was Twitter’s refusal to delete links about which citizens had complained, despite Turkish court rulings. Critics also link the blocking to Turkey’s local elections, which take place in just over a week’s time.

Yesterday, the head of the Turkish government, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, announced at an election campaign rally, "Twitter and things like that" without regard to international reactions "with the root" rub out. With this, he reaffirmed an older threat against social networks that he made after several video clips of phone recordings were released on YouTube, in which his voice can be heard in conversations that suggest corruption. Erdogan has since admitted the authenticity of some of these clips, while for others he continues to speak of "Manipulation".

In the meantime, not only are hashtags, messages and claims about the block spreading en masse on Twitter, but also information about how to get around the blockade. For example, it is recommended to send tweets via SMS. Avea and Vodafone customers to be added "START" text to the number 2444, for Turkcell customers the number is 2555.

Turkey: twitter blocked

Others recommend VPNs for Android and iOS or the anonymization service TOR. Some of these instructions for circumvention were printed on election posters of the ruling AKP – and may also have been read by supporters and members of the ruling Turkish party. At least they also seem to know how to continue to send tweets despite the blockade.