Swiss provider in the responsibility

IP address lock required, parallel to the SOMM process

Also in Switzerland, an action of the law enforcement habits for headshudges in the Internet community. The Swiss Federal Police has asked about one hundred Swiss Internet service providers last week to lock ten racist websites abroad. In case of non-compliance, the providers have to use a process "due to hilface for the distribution of punishable content" calculate.

Official motif of action:

"We can not prevent racism on the internet, but want to achieve a one-occasion", So Philippe Kronig, lawyer of the Federal Police, opposite the "New Zurcher newspaper".

However, the NZZ suspects the first labor of a Swiss pilot process in racism on the Internet, which aims to make open legal ies. In addition, the work of cooperation of the providers should be tested.

However, they are now presenting their Germans (see TP reports 1, 2), Italian and British colleagues in front of the proprietally known problem, rather than to lock complete IP addresses and thus non-subsequent offers on the left. You can not pursue address chants – even now one of the ten addresses does not work anymore.

Also in Switzerland, as well as in Germany, no praventive control measures are required by the providers. But as in this country, you will have to become active if it is pointed out by the regulards on concrete punishable content. Do not do that, you have to expect a criminal proceedings.

Anyway, Swiss providers already see a parallel to the German Compuserve case. Distributor Hubbert had in his budget with the file number "8340 DS 465 JS 173158/95 EX-COMPUSERVE GENERAL FELIX SOMM after all "favorable social forecast " provided, since he "No more business drivers by CompuServe Germany is. Suckle for provider?

The burial can be in a paper version against copy costs of 84 marks (!!) Refer directly from the district court Munchen. However, it is also in the network z.B. in Spiegel Online or Digital Law Net as a download.