Pipeline for sud america

Latin America is changing, Venezuelan Prasident Chavez is one of the main engines

The meeting last Thursday between the left Prasident Lula da Silva (Brazil), Nestor Kirchner (Argentina) and Hugo Chavez (Venezuela) in Brazil marks another step towards narrower integration on the Latin American continent. The construction of a gas pipeline was decided in a long of up to 10.000 kilometers from Venezuela to Brazil and Argentina.

In half a year, one wants to have the details of the construction of the gas pipeline, whose costs are scated to $ 20 billion. Bolivia should also be involved with the official improvement of the three prasides, where with Evo Morales has just also been elected a left prasident (way out of US dominance). Morales intends to nationalize the gas. Bolivia has the second graved gas deposit in Sudamerfika to Venezuela. Oberdies was decided to support the country through development projects. Also planned is the inclusion of Chile. With the pipeline, with which ol- and gas deposits are to be developed throughout the entire, the free trade zone Mercosur (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay), in which Venezuela wants to enter, is still closer together.

Particularly Chavez, who seeks to profile opposite US Prasident Bush, is considered dangerous by the US government to destabilize Latin America, which is primarily called to reduce the influence of the USA. Jeb Bush, the brother of the US President and Governor of Florida, had just warned that Venezuela has a visit to Peru "negative influence" On the upcoming elections. Chavez supports the left and nationalist Prasidential candidate Ollanta Humala, which is the Morales Indio, while criticizing the right-directed Lourdes Flores. The Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa already draws the picture of Chavez, Morales and Humala, which a new one "racism" The Indians were considered against the seeds. Llosa complains that these three "barbarian" Volksfuhrer not only "Racist and militarism" be, but also nationalist.

Building a common infrastructure is the three prasident as an important step. Chavez tries, with the ol- and gas deposits Venezuelas the integration of Latin America’s integration of Latin America under the sign of "Bolivarian revolution" move forward. So he said that Venezuela’s gas deposits were still sufficient for 200 years and to benefit the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The pipeline place one "First step to consolidating the energy infrastructure" It is in a joint explanation. From Venezuela, the pipeline will first run around the Mercosur opponent Colombia in the sea and go from North Brazil overland to Manaos. Here the pipeline should branch to go to Argentina and Uruguay on the one hand in the northeast of Brazil and on the other hand in the southern Suden and Rio de Janeiro and Uruguay. Economically, above all, the region between Orinoco in Venezuela and Manaos in Brazil benefited from the pipeline. Hoped is that Uruguay is more loose from the US and at least the project will not hinder.

Chavez Kundiger, he will propose to set up the pipeline common development projects for agriculture, the ship, aviation and rusting industry and housing construction. Chavez suggests a common together "Defense council" the 12 Latin American states. For him is the "Axis Caracas-Brasilia-Montevideo-Buenos Aires Strategic" central. Kirchner fugged that Latin America is not the "Backyard in the world" wants to be, but you want to "Active part in the construction of the future, which expects us".