Faulty message to the auberdirdische

Record participation in seti @ home

During SETI @ home breaks the record in the distributed calculation and already more than half a million the programs installed as a screensaver on the PCs were downloaded to browse the radio signals of the ARECIBO Observatory after embassies of Auberrish intelligent beings, economy of encounter 2001 posted another way on Monday: in cooperation with the Russian RSC Energia Ltd. Will be one today for the first time "Cosmic Call" – Of course, a term tuned as a trademark – from Russia with personal messages of some thousand people in the universe to the general observance of any ETS. You pay for this opportunity 15 dollars. At the 14th. 2. 2000 and on 14.2.In 2001, the next shipments should go on a cosmic course.

During the previous projects for distributed expectations at distributed.net "only" to the 170000 contributors, however, had problems losing a solution, as when cracking closures, a solution, seti @ home was able to expect the distributed expect, in which many people around the world did not require computer time for the common lot of a problem Make frightening, at least make popular. The danger of the danger of that in the case of the project applied to two years without success reports. Meanwhile, Adam Beberg has dealt from distributed.Net solved and wants to use with COSM distributed expects to solve many problems that require the capacity of a supercomputer. Distributed.Net, on the other hand, launches a new project to solve mathematical problems such as the OGR problem through distributed figures, which has practical applications in the real world. In principle, everyone could ask the community to help with their computers to spend a problem: Distributed figures is at any rate for McNett of distributed.net a killer application for the internet: "It goes over email and the web beyond. The machines are also combined with humans." But one will first have to see if this form of cooperation is really enforcing in addition to collaboration when writing an open software and whether the institutions and companies that now participate now many employees with the computers at seti @ home, such actions continue to be charged.

But Back to the first Cosmic Call, which is directed at stars, which are located at a distance of 50 light years from the earth. If an answer comes from there, the stations have surprised, of course,. The General Embassy, who wants to inform the ETS over the earth, the life and people with 370967 bits, was encoded in symbols that are allegedly interpreted by any Auberrish intelligence properly. But in the message legs legs. In any case, before the scientifically experienced and logic and mathematics dominant ETS earthly readers managed to decelerate the message and determined two mistakes. The Dutch programmer Paul Houx found that a similar sign is displayed by a false symbol in two places, as spectrum reports.

But the error notification came to Spat. The rewriting of the message was cost too much time, said one of the authors of the interstellar Embassy, Yvan Dutil from the Research Center Valcartier of the Canadian militar. Uberdies has no Internet access from the Russian Evpatoriya Observatory, which sends the message, which is why an improved version did not arrive in good time before sending there. So now the ETS, if there is you, should receive the embassy and you can understand that you can understand, determine that not everything works for people. Maybe that is soothing for the SETI searchers located there, which eagerly look for signals to see if they are not alone …