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Margaret atwood weighs in on #metoo debate
Margaret atwood weighs in on #metoo debate

The Canadian writer warns against a structural witch hunt

After French actress Catherine Deneuve (cf. Instead of #MeToo: For more indecency between women and men), best-selling Canadian author Margaret Atwood has also weighed in on the #MeToo debate. In a text widely circulated on social media today for the coarse Canadian daily The Globe and Mail, she discusses, among other things, the case of former creative writing professor Steven Galloway.

Galloway was dismissed by the University of British Columbia (UBC) on the grounds of mere incriminationallegations dismissed. Before the allegations were revealed to him, he had to sign a confidentiality agreement that prevented him from defending himself against these allegations in the media. Galloway could only do that in court, where after hearing several witnesses it was decided that he did not commit the alleged sexual assaults.

Rhineland-palatinate: malu bonus for the spd
Rhineland-Palatinate: malu bonus for the spd

Dreyer and Klockner. Image: Olaf Kosinsky/CC BY-SA 3.0 EN

In Mainz, the Social Democrats – and the AfD – sing and laugh

Sahra Wagenknecht of the Left said in an interview the sentence: "Today, people always choose different coalitions, but politics hardly changes at all. And there is hardly any debate about fundamental alternatives." The cleanup is as elementary as it is vague. The political experts on television hardly bother with it. In other public spheres and in private life it looks different. There is first time agreement for this estimation, already for years.

Google’s quantum computer achieves stage victory

100 million times faster than a PC, the Google machine solved a special optimization task, but the breakthrough to a wonder computer is still a long way off

A tidy sum, $15 million, was put on the table by Google and NASA in May 2013 – for a computer whose possibilities were still in the dark at the time. But the promise of the Canadian manufacturer D-Wave system lured the Internet company as well as the space agency: It is a certain class of quantum computer, specialized in solving so-called hard optimization problems. These calculators are called "adiabatic quantum computers".

Google and NASA are particularly interested in optimization tasks. What is it about? Often there are many solutions for a practical task, but they are of different quality. An example is "Problem of the traveling salesman". He wants to visit several cities by car. There are many ways, but some are faster, or shorter, or they are at favorable gas stations, etc.? Which one to choose?

New anti-terror packages are booming

Fears of terrorist attacks and a radicalized opposition are not only rife in Germany, but also in Turkey, Poland and Russia

Whether it is only due to the European Championship that several anti-terror laws have now been pushed through the parliaments is a matter of opinion. This may have been the case in Germany, where the governing coalition rushed a new anti-terrorism package through the Bundestag amid protests from the fainting opposition. As a rule, the threat of terrorism is only used as a reason for the expansion of surveillance and intelligence desired by security politicians and authorities. to be able to enforce the restriction of citizens’ rights.

German intelligence services are now allowed to work even more closely with foreign intelligence services – "with important foreign partner services, especially those of neighboring countries and other EU or NATO member states" – and not only exchange data, but also create joint files to which all authorized authorities have unlimited access. The reason given is that the "Terrorism does not adhere to national borders, but works together in international structures", This must also be the case in the fight against terrorism. In addition, an identification requirement will soon be introduced for purchasers of prepaid mobile phone cards. The federal police are now allowed to use undercover investigators to avert danger rather than to prosecute offenders. And the Verfangsschutz may store data of minors in the age of 14 to 16 years, because to Syria also minors under 16 years had traveled.

Buried under phenomena

The "Application reference" The teaching of mathematics in this way prevents exactly what it was supposed to achieve: Enthusiasm for mathematics as a cultural science

Slowly but surely, the public awareness of conflict on the subject of "education" is increasing (overburdened schoolchildren and politicians on a denial tour). Mathematics, which belongs to the cultural core of the Enlightenment, takes a key position in this process. Whoever wants to reduce it to its application-related practicability, however "well-intentioned" his intentions may be, destroys our culture.

A vehement, general debate on the subject of math didactics last took place more than thirty years ago, when the ie was the use of set theory. Die Gegner befurchteten vor allem, fur den Alltag notwendige praktische Fertigkeiten wie schriftliches Addieren und Dividieren wurden einem kindischen Herumschieben bunter Figuren geopfert, die Kinder wurden nichts furs Leben lernen. The different points of view were represented with immense vehemence and probably had less to do with pedagogical questions than with diverging ideas of society.

Pipeline for sud america

Latin America is changing, Venezuelan Prasident Chavez is one of the main engines

The meeting last Thursday between the left Prasident Lula da Silva (Brazil), Nestor Kirchner (Argentina) and Hugo Chavez (Venezuela) in Brazil marks another step towards narrower integration on the Latin American continent. The construction of a gas pipeline was decided in a long of up to 10.000 kilometers from Venezuela to Brazil and Argentina.

In half a year, one wants to have the details of the construction of the gas pipeline, whose costs are scated to $ 20 billion. Bolivia should also be involved with the official improvement of the three prasides, where with Evo Morales has just also been elected a left prasident (way out of US dominance). Morales intends to nationalize the gas. Bolivia has the second graved gas deposit in Sudamerfika to Venezuela. Oberdies was decided to support the country through development projects. Also planned is the inclusion of Chile. With the pipeline, with which ol- and gas deposits are to be developed throughout the entire, the free trade zone Mercosur (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay), in which Venezuela wants to enter, is still closer together.

Swiss provider in the responsibility

IP address lock required, parallel to the SOMM process

Also in Switzerland, an action of the law enforcement habits for headshudges in the Internet community. The Swiss Federal Police has asked about one hundred Swiss Internet service providers last week to lock ten racist websites abroad. In case of non-compliance, the providers have to use a process "due to hilface for the distribution of punishable content" calculate.

Official motif of action:

Dementia residential groups as an alternative to nursing homes

How to deal with relatives with dementia in a way that preserves their dignity?

Those who care for family members with dementia face the increasing risk of sooner or later becoming care recipients themselves. Even a high level of resilience and a stable nervous system cannot withstand the strain of an ill family member in the long term.

If a physical handicap (such as a fracture of the neck of the femur) is added to the mental impairment, 24/7 all-round care is practically unavoidable. For the relatives, however, this is no longer possible beyond multi-generational large families in the countryside. Even if it is desirable to remain in the familiar environment, this is usually not possible in the long term.

Does anesthesia work through communication breakdown or low local information generation??
Does anesthesia work through communication breakdown or low local information generation?

Anesthesia Monitor. Image: Kalumet/CC BY-SA-3.0

It is commonly believed that anesthetics interrupt signal transmission between brain areas and thus turn off consciousness, but there could be another reason as well

To receive anesthesia for medical procedures is a blessing. It was only introduced in the 19th century. Developed in the twenty-first century. Whereas in the past patients had to be restrained during surgical operations because the pain could not be eliminated by alcohol or any plant extracts, nitrous oxide, ether or morphine, as precursors of the multitude of modern anasthetics, have massively expanded the possibilities of medical interventions and thus the treatment of patients. Anesthesia switches off the consciousness and the pain sensation, besides, sometimes additionally with agents of the muscle relaxation movement is prevented. Breathing must be ensured.

Save the mir

Rubland is desperately looking for ways to keep the national symbol in space

How to proceed with the 13-year-old MIR is still not entirely decided. The station has become a national symbol that bears witness to the technical achievements that were possible in the days of the Soviet Union. But now there is no more money for further operation – and the station has long been dependent on foreign funds. The Russian participation in the International Space Station also keeps stuttering and causing delays due to financial difficulties. However, from a nationalist point of view, the International Space Station is just not as good as the MIR to occupy (difficulties of the Russians with the ISS).

Until the end of August, the last crew for the time being stayed on the now obsolete and storanfalligen MIR. Then Viktor Afanasyev, Sergei Avdeyev and Jean-Pierre Haignere leave the station and switch over to automatic operation. Next year it will be scrapped by dropping it to the ground.