Ukraine: when right sector calls the shots in the courtroom ..
Ukraine: when the right sector has the say in the courtroom ..

Right Sector forces three judges of the Malinovsky Court in Odessa to sign their resignations. Picture: accidents news

In Ukraine, right-wing violence against police and judiciary occurs almost daily

On 30. November 2015, a hundred members of the Right Sector stormed a hall of the Malinovsky Court in Odessa. The policemen on guard were simply pushed aside. Masked men and women built up in front of the three judges. They had ied a verdict, funf because of the ravenous battle on 2. May 2014 to release detained anti-Maidanists on bail. Faced with the jostling Right Sector, the judges looked fearful. And under threats of the masked sign (minute 1:23) her resignation.

A short time later, the Odessa prosecutor’s office handed down the verdict releasing the five anti-Maidan activists on bail on the charge of "terrorism" "the failure to take into account some facts" and the detention for the five men was extended to two months.

Ukraine: when the right sector has the say in the courtroom ..

Right Sector Blocks Malinowski Court Exit. Picture:

Jurisdiction in Odessa experienced black days in December. It was only a month ago that a commission of experts set up by the Council of Europe criticized the Ukrainian judiciary for dragging its feet in clearing up events 2. May 2014 sharply criticized (tragedy of Odessa: Council of Europe certifies Ukrainian government failure). On the same day, six people from both camps were shot dead by unknown persons during a street fight between Maidan and anti-Maidan supporters on Greek Square in Odessa. After that, 42 people died in the burning union building that government critics had cursed their way into. Not one of the arsonists is in custody. What the status of the investigation into the union hall fire is unknown.

Kiev wants to recover from the tragedy of 2. May not clarify. And the Right Sector (RS) in Odessa is doing everything to block any attempts at clarification and judicial investigation. The right-wing radicals themselves fear legal proceedings against their opponents from the Anti-Maidan, because it could still come out that right-wingers threw incendiary devices and shot. And that did not sit well with the RS.

The Right fears that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko will withdraw his protective hand over the Right Sector. Poroshenko fears losing control over radicalizing Ukrainian nationalists. The prosecutor’s office has even opened investigations against three leading Svoboda members for the shooting on the Maidan in February 2014 (Poroshenko with an iron fist against former comrades-in-arms).

Accused anti-Maidanist cuts his veins open

For the five Odessa detainees, who have been held for a year and a half without concrete evidence and on identical charges (TP interview with lawyer Kirill Shevchuk), the lifting of the release order came as a shock. One of the detainees, 32-year-old Yevgeny Mefedov, opened his veins on December 4. December in protest in the courtroom the veins. The bail for Yevgeny in the amount of 8.500 dollars was already presented to the court on 30. November.

Under the guard of ten national guardsmen, Yevgeny was taken to a hospital, where the cut was stitched up. He was not given water, said an eyewitness who accompanied him to court. After the operation Yevgeny was sent back to prison.

Ukraine: when the right-wing sector has its say in the courtroom ..

Efgeni Mefedov cut his veins in protest. Picture: private

The Right Sector has learned that money has been collected for bail among the relatives of the five detainees. On 30. In November, members of the RS blocked all exits from the Odessa pre-trial detention center. None of the five imprisoned anti-Maidanists should come to freedom.

Search for "Russian agents"

Yevgeny Mefedov is one of two activists with Russian passports who have been arrested for the street battle on 2. May 2014 on Greek Square in Odessa to stand trial. Ukrainian media described Yevgeny as having "Russian agents". But as Yevgeny told a journalist from the Odessa Internet portal "Timer" Mefedov reported that there is nothing in his indictment about an alleged agent’s activity.

As Yevgeny told the portal, he moved from Russia to Odessa in 2013, "to live closer to the sea". In Russia, as in Odessa, he earned his money as a cab driver. In the Greek Square he was only "briefly passed by", but was photographed. The photos now served as an accusation that he had violently participated in the street fight. There were no concrete facts against him.

From Greek Square Yevgeny went to the anti-Maidan camp in front of the Trade Union House. When the right-wingers came and attacked the tent camp, he and 300 others took refuge in the multi-storey building. The Ukrainian secret service SBU – so Yevgeny told the Internet portal – took him out of the hospital after the fire in the trade union house, despite burns on the hand and damage to the lungs, interrogated him for three days and then also connected him to a lie detector. In particular, they want to know for which secret service he works. He had even been asked about the Mossad. Yevgeny is apparently afraid that he will be forgotten. Russian media do not report on his case.

Under the prere of the Right Sector three judges of the Malinowski Court in Odessa resign. Image: screenshot 7th channel Odessa

Right Sector threatens judges with grenades

In recent weeks, Right Sector attacks on courts and senior Ukrainian officials have been piling up across Ukraine.

  • In the central Ukrainian city of Kirovograd, members of the Right Sector acted as cleaners. They destroyed computers in an illegal casino. Seven perpetrators from the RS were arrested. On 8. December RS members blocked the city’s appeals court from enforcing the release of their members. They threatened the judges with the firing of a grenade.
  • In the central Ukrainian city of Krivoy Rog, Rada deputy and commander of the Donbas Volunteer Battalion Semyon Semonchenko thrashed (minute 3:30) on 7. December on the head of the city police with fists. The reason: the local police chief had ordered to clear the city council building. The right-wingers did not like that. Police said there had been a bomb scare. Police may have been afraid of a Right Sector (RS) occupation, as Ukrainian nationalists do not recognize the results of the Krivoy Rog mayoral elections, which elected a member of the pro-Russia opposition bloc.
  • In Kiev jumped (minute 0:27) on 19. November, the non-factional Rada deputy and head of the Dnieper-1 volunteer battalion, Volodimir Parasyuk, attacked the deputy head of the intelligence department against organized crime, Vasily Pisnyi, and kicked him on the head. The incident occurred at a meeting of the Anti-Corruption Committee. The prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation. The victim demands compensation "for moral damage" in the amount of the equivalent of 3.800 euros. But Parasyuk decries his victim as completely corrupt and does not want to pay. Parasyuk can afford violent attacks against alleged representatives of the old regime. He is in Ukraine "National hero". It was he who on 21. February 2014 on the Maidan announced an ultimatum against elected President Viktor Yanukovych. Until the next day "at ten o’clock" musse Yanukovych "to leave the city". For this "Courage" there was much applause from Western media.

Right-wing Rada deputy Volodimir Parasyuk attacks deputy head of the intelligence department against organized crime Vasily Pisnyi. Image: screenshot

Odessa Film Festival in Berlin

In order not to forget the Odessa tragedy, to continue the investigation against the perpetrators and to condemn the people who were responsible for the fire in the Trade Union House and the non-intervention of the police and fire department, from 17. to the 19. December at the Berlin "Club Reporter" a film festival will be held. The festival will feature six documentaries by Ukrainian, German and Russian directors, who will discuss the tragedy on 2. May 2014 illuminate from different angles.