The letter problem in the weiben haus

Many Ws are said to have disappeared from the keyboards before the new president takes office

Anyone who has gone to the White House website since taking office will still find a largely blank space there. The old content of the Clinton administration was quickly put aside (the website of the White House and emails of the government are archived, but obviously they have not prepared properly for the web presence. This may be due to a problem: the W has allegedly disappeared from many of the White House PCs.

It was probably due to the rampant left-wing conspiracy, quips Chris Lehane, who was in charge of the press during the Al Gore election campaign: "I guess that the White House did not have many reasons to use the letter W during the last years. Probably it fell off out of sheer weakness."

Nevertheless, the incident shows how, in the computer society, small jokes can cause troubles for the opponent. The letter, of course, has deep symbolic meaning. Not only is it indispensable for the Web, which really took off in the Clinton administration, which also set up the first White House Web site, but the White House in Washington is naturally affected as well. And then the new man also lacks the W that characterizes him. , without looking like a double-ganger of his father (which is actually quite true, because Bush jr. longs for the old days and seems to want to go back with his policy at best to the 80s, when the world was still in order in the Cold War).

Sometimes the W key was only blacked out. Many of the W-keys have not disappeared completely, but can be found at a height of three or four meters on the ceiling or on the wall. So the new team has to start looking, while the computer people might have wanted to do other things first, such as setting up the new design of the eiben house website. One Bush spokesman, reportedly finding his computer keyboard fully equipped with the W, is said to be simply surprised "Wow" said, while his colleagues answered: "oh".

But perhaps the story, reported by someone in the White House who wished to remain anonymous, is just a first joke …