Syria: location in the flying camps is approaching
Syria: Location in the Flying Camps is approaching

Syrian escape on arrival at Camp Bardarash in the Iraqi autonomous region Kurdistan. Image: UNHCR / HOSSIN FATEMI

The jihadist militias of the Turkish army distribute the ingots in the northeast, especially women and children flee

On Sunday evening, the ARD Magazine World’s mirror reported that more and more families from Northeast Syria flee in Northern Iraq. The location in the escape of the escape there is headed.

The journalist and Caritas-Helper Jan Jessen reports on the spot for Germany radio from one of the flight camps in Northern Iraq. He also says that Nordiracic population is emport and appalled, "that the West lit the Syrian Kurders and Kurds and their composite dubbing and let themselves alone and now, so to speak, there are now ethnic cleanings basically, against which the West does nothing".

Between 200.000 and 400.000 people are on the run. Many want to go to the Iraqi-Kurdish autonomy region, where, however, more than a million escape lies that were fled before IS. In the autonomous region Kurdistan just 6 million people live. If hundreds of thousands are added again, the small region is extremely burdened. Similarly, it is in Lebanon and in Jordan, in which relatively much more escape rates than in Turkey, which expands that much strong prere on the EU and justifies the invasion with the escape strikes, not only to shut down Syrian escape, but also to distribute the ingenious Kurds and set up Islamist provinces as in Afrin.

The Turkish "Resettlement policy" is executed by the so-called Syrian national army (SNA) under Turkic control in a brutal manner. Foxnews reports that the Turkey JihadistsMilizies financed by the Dorfer in the occupied region between Serkaniye and Gire Spi Haus Furkaniye and Kurdish Family Dead.

The German Doctor Michael Wilk, who is currently holding up with an international local teleguration in the region, reports on continuous attacks of the Turkish Army and her bonded Jihadists. Of ceasefire is nothing to remember here.

Anf reported by attacks on Dorfer around Serêkaniyê. The Turkish army and the jihadist milizers were approached with artillery, drones and tanks. Pictures of the bombarded Zrigan seem to be confirmed. Although it was reported that the SDF is back, but it seems to be still steamed there.

The chairman of the Kurdish Red Crescent, Cemila Heme, says in a statement: "We have protected humanity before the IS. Others have made laws to protect people and hospitalizers in the war and now they are they who do not follow the laws – it burn our hospitals, they attack the ambulances, murder our employees and throw them in the sewer."

Syria: Location in the Flying Camps is approaching

Camp Bardarash. Image: unheck

After the UNHCR has so far more than 10.000 Syrians in Iraq, in the autonomous region Kurdistan, barred. On the night of Friday, 900 escape luminoses were arrived at Camp Bardarash in Duhok in 45 buses. The number of undergraded here is thus almost 10.000 grown. The camp can 11.Record 000 escape.

75 percent of the escape from northeastern Syria are women and children, they are also unaccompanied children underneath. In the province of Dohuk life already 230.000 escape. In Northern Syria, at least 180 were so far.000 people expelled, mostly women and children. 75.000 escapeons were housed in Syria in communities, schools or camps. In the city of Hassake, thousands live in superfilled schools, so that neither the children of the escape still has lessons of the city dwellers.