Sim usama should help

US Navy School Works on a Computer Simulation of the Terrorist Al Qaeda Network

Still comes with the good old saying "Make Love, Not was!" advertised. And the product appearing in the middle of November the Sims – Hot Date. Behind it hides a so-called expansion pack for the popular simulation game, which then with the love life of the artificial Sims-being "Fool, smooch" and to bring other beautiful things to the front man.

So far, so cuddly. But even with the Sims the world has herself after the 11. September a little changed. If you feel like it, as an additional game character (Say: Skin) is now a certain usama bin Ladin download (the Mac version is available, for example, here). Whether the influx of the state fine Numero 1 will follow the so harmonious neighborhood so far, however, must only be investigated in an exemplary test.

Similarly unsafe, the impact on usama itself, simply, sims players will send him uninterruptedly on parties and gain a job as a policeman, safety or firefighter. And then the world is definitely head in the computer.

In order to prevent that in reality in the reality, after a report by the Los Angeles Times, very serious people work on one "SIM usama" and design in the California Naval Postgraduate School according to the model of the game "Sims" a computer simulation of the terrorist Al-Qaeda network – with everything added: Wissenlandschafts, coarse villages, meaders’ weapons, warriors and their potential victims. And exactly with this simulation, which should have accepted contours, the militars later hope for an insight into the thinking and action of their unpredictable opponents.

Whether this will be so easy, however, must be doubted. Although artificial beings like the Sims drove their own life, so surprise surprise for some of the player – but all this moves consistently in the context of the in advance of people programmed plays. And how programmers want to create it, of course, creating creatures whose thinking and behavioral structures are alien to them, to study exactly this stranger, probably alone the DAFUR state-of-the-art people from the Naval Postgraduate School.

There you still have optimistic. Necessary, it is called in the Los Angeles Times, just a rough understanding about the species like terrorists. The details were then delivered the simulation that millions of opportunities could play through to determine the dangerous variant.

Nevertheless, the developers do not expect them to "SIM usama" ready before the arrest of the real usama is ready. But that does not matter. Finally, you always have to count on successors. And on the game market this simulation would be the Renner – motto anyway: "Make was, Not Love!"