Corona: danemarks special routes
Corona: Danemarks special routes

Social Democratic Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen. Image: News Oresund / CC by 2.0

Government wants "Sustainable and transparent" Convert the concept that should drive end-to-current from the current Lockdown

Until 23. Marz wants the head of government Mette Frederiksen with all parties in Parliament have developed a strategy, so Danemark according to their ideas for the merban catch "In the best possible position is".

The top priority has that all Schuler will soon get prasenz lessons. To do this, the health workers had to calculate how this on the infection rates. The easing of the measures should be adjusted regionally. The population as the economy should be one "Better feel for a sequence" mediated. In summer, life in Danemark should then "almost normalized" have, according to the presentation of the Social Democrat Frederiksen.

The reason for optimism gave among other things the State Seren Institute (SSI). According to its director Henrik Ullum, the infection development is gunstiger, when his institute had predicted.

At the end of February, the Social Democratic Minority Government with other parties had agreed on premium lessons from the first Marz for termination classes in two regions. Added to this was a charge of retail and more sports activities have been approved. The elementary schools had already been opened in early February.

For the relaxation measures, the SSI had forecasted an increase in hospitalization of almost 900 people for mid-April, which is the highlight of the "second wave" and burden the health system. The government, however, gave the prere of the economy more attention than the warnings of health care representatives. Now with 222 currently stationar Covid-19 patients of the increase also seems less dramatic than produced by some side. The fall numbers have been daily for 400 to 600 detected new infections.


A prerequisite for the opening forms the extensive testing. Old school and school staff must have been checked for the first Marz twice a week via rapid test, for the primary school, this is advised, every other Dane has a right. In mid-February, Copenhagen has ordered 10 million quick tests.

Currently one third of the 207.000 Daily availability quick tests used. Other test sites will improve the capacity utilization, as Justice Minister Nick Hækkerup promises.

Already from 15. Marz is said to take a further loosening step, as a decision of the government priorities for the past Tuesday. Schuler of the 5. till 8. Class should take place for a day in the week to school, adult education programs in facilities can take place every two weeks. Managed with over 5.000 square meters have permission to allow up to 250 customers.

According to Health Minister Magnus Heunicke the R number 1. However, this is not enough for the government’s expert group. That is not a sufficient argument. Due to the rapid decision, one has not yet come to calculate more precisely, which consequences can have the relaxations on the infection numbers, is presented by this page.

Danemark had gradually introduced a lockdown in the face of the second wave in December. After Christmas, all the shops had to be closed the food trade. The maws were maintained until Marz, as the coincidence-derived infectious mutant B117 for a stronger infection prere caused. It should now make up 80 percent of new infections.

The mutant seems to drove less deaths. You are since January, the highlight of the pandemic, where there was average 27 Covid-19 dead daily, by 90 percent. Again, this is an argument for easing. In the country with nearly six million inhabitants have been a total of 218.666 infections found with SARS COV-2. It died 2.384 "on or with the infection". Nearly ten percent of the inhabitants already got the emission.

Is discussed whether the planned "Sustainable and transparent strategy" to cancel the maws in such a long term, as the government provides for, or if there are not many factors that are unpredictable, the unpredictable.

Danic Crisis Policy: Supported by intransparency and idiosyncratic decisions

So far, the Danic Crisis Policy was rather represented by intransparence and of idiosyncratic decisions of the government, which has become particularly important to the 43-year Frederiksen. As an example, the tottion of around 15 million minks with the intention of avoiding a back infection on humans. The undertaking, however, quickly turned out to be illegally.

At the beginning of this week, Health Minister Magnus Heunicke wanted to give the inhabitants of a migrant quarter in the coarse town of Odense, forcibly, as the infection rates are particularly high. There was no majority in the epidemic committee of Parliament. Above all, the three left parties, which tolerate the minority government, did not play here.

On the 23. February had the Parliament "Epidemic" passed that gives the parliament more control over the government.

However, this prevented Frederiksens to start a further special number shortly thereafter: without informing the Parliament, she traveled to Israel in the past week to a meeting with Minister Prosident Benjamin Netanyahu together with the conservative Easter regulator Sebastian.

It was decided there a cooperation between the three countries to the constitution of a joint research and development fund to new vaccines. Already in advance, the Social Democrat adopted a news agency Lapidar that they already bought vaccines in Israel.

as "Mistrust vote against the EU" Wool Mette Frederiksen Your trip to Israel, however, did not understand how the Danische Government Squee. You wool alone at the European Medicines Agency (EMA) approved vaccine. In addition, however, that they wanted to buy any approved vaccine from other countries (Easter and Danemark no longer rely on Brussel in vaccine procurement).

For a mass vaccination have already been made in February or at least customerized. If there are a lot of doses ready, you want to be in Danemark in Marz 400.000 people daily vaccinate. In addition, more general practitioners are supposed to vaccinate as well as pharmacists. At the same time there is a tender for companies that can also be implemented.

For the negotiations on the date of return to normalization since last Friday, Social Democrats now need some conviction force. The other parties call for current decides more democratic culture in the art epidemic policy.