5 Weeks on suspicion in individual

What a German-Moroccan countered, who wanted to visit a flight school in the USA

For weeks, the mass settings have been suspected in the US after the 11.September reports (Liberty this by Inches). Often an Arabic-sounding name ranged to disappear in the prison for unlimited time. Human rights organizations in the US and abroad criticized these fundamental rights contributors (all right). But they hardly found obedience.

Now it became known that a German-Moroccan in Darmstadt also became visor to the authorities. Hossain El-Quariagei already had before the 11.September planned to complete a flight school in Las Vegas in the USA. But it should not come to that. Already when entering the 12.October he was arrested in Pittsburgh from security forces and immediately brought into the pristine where he had to bring fun weeks into individual. Any contact with other sticking lengths was forbidden him. As it turned out that he had neither contact with Islamic groups, nor anything with the striking of the 11.September to do, but Quariagei was not released, but because of visa fraud to a prison sentence of six months sentenced. The intestinal day had simply called a residence reason when entering the entry and not specified the flight lessons.

Only when German friends used him for him and Burgten for Quariageis, he was released prematurely. In Germany he turned to the public. Because his punishment is not over with the free one. Because he is now considered as a pre-impaired in the US, he can not complete pilot training in the USA.

According to the Hessian broadcast, which brought the case to the public, Hossain El-Quariage was already reviewed in front of the United States of the USA because of his Arab-sounding name in the course of the grid investigation (Eene Meen Muh: Raster Enddance in Germany – Part 1. American and German agencies had become imagined by passenger schools and became aware of the intestinal day. But the German Criminal Police had no concerns and approved the departure of the intestinal day.

That he had to make acquaintance with US fishing, but lies in the calculus of the new search methods. Finally, one is after the theory of extremist sleeper, which suits suits, especially in search of politically essential persons who have never guilty of a political offense. If you then wear an Arab name and want to take flight lessons in the US, you are probably a case for the judiciary.