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Greece: the small war between the press and the government
Greece: the small war between press and government

French President Hollande at weekend Mediterranean summit with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, who currently prefers to avoid critical media. Image: W. Aswestopoulos

After the Greek government limited the number of television channels authorized to broadcast nationwide to four, this has caused an uproar among the television journalists concerned

Four rough channels, Alpha TV, Star TV, Epsilon, Mega, as well as the smaller ART channel, must cease operations within ninety days, effectively by the end of November. The nerves of the journalists, cameramen, sound technicians, video technicians and other production assistants who are threatened with unemployment are on edge. The entire opposition finds fault with the government’s actions.

“A breeding ground for religious fanaticism”

Pre-publications of a study on young Muslims in Germany give CSU politicians the opportunity to reintroduce the preserved "Islam, Integration, Violence" to be reopened

For quite some time, it had been relatively quiet around the irritant topic "Readiness of Muslims for Integration". The rescue package, Greece and the Wulff affair had pushed the topic to the side. This is now changing again. The study commissioned by the Federal Ministry of the Interior and entitled "Living Worlds of Young Muslims in Germany" It has not even been published – it is not due to be presented until today – but pre-released results have prompted CSU politicians to comment on the sentiment package "Islam, Integration, Propensity to Violence" among the people again.

The Bild-Zeitung, which publishes the study "exclusively available". Already yesterday, it had begun to present, in a typically concise manner, the results of the "Shock study" too public. For example, the study reportedly found that 24 percent of Muslims between the ages of 14 and 32 in Germany who do not hold a German passport are conspicuous by the following characteristics: "Strictly religious people with a strong aversion to the West, a tendency to accept violence and no tendency toward integration".

Ukraine: when right sector calls the shots in the courtroom ..
Ukraine: when the right sector has the say in the courtroom ..

Right Sector forces three judges of the Malinovsky Court in Odessa to sign their resignations. Picture: accidents news

In Ukraine, right-wing violence against police and judiciary occurs almost daily

On 30. November 2015, a hundred members of the Right Sector stormed a hall of the Malinovsky Court in Odessa. The policemen on guard were simply pushed aside. Masked men and women built up in front of the three judges. They had ied a verdict, funf because of the ravenous battle on 2. May 2014 to release detained anti-Maidanists on bail. Faced with the jostling Right Sector, the judges looked fearful. And under threats of the masked sign (minute 1:23) her resignation.

Sim usama should help

US Navy School Works on a Computer Simulation of the Terrorist Al Qaeda Network

Still comes with the good old saying "Make Love, Not was!" advertised. And the product appearing in the middle of November the Sims – Hot Date. Behind it hides a so-called expansion pack for the popular simulation game, which then with the love life of the artificial Sims-being "Fool, smooch" and to bring other beautiful things to the front man.

So far, so cuddly. But even with the Sims the world has herself after the 11. September a little changed. If you feel like it, as an additional game character (Say: Skin) is now a certain usama bin Ladin download (the Mac version is available, for example, here). Whether the influx of the state fine Numero 1 will follow the so harmonious neighborhood so far, however, must only be investigated in an exemplary test.

How independent are the facebook fact checkers??
How independent are the facebook fact checkers?

After Facebook started a questionable political fact-checking program in Germany two years ago, it is now launching a parallel project in the UK, again supported by various super-rich people

The idea that the growing distrust in established institutions is based to a considerable extent on false information that deliberately misleads people and should therefore be corrected centrally has gained influence in recent years – unsurprisingly, especially in the established institutions themselves.

There, people are increasingly relying on fact checkers, which are supposed to take wide-ranging action against disinformation. Facebook is now working with fact-checking organizations in more than 20 countries to check whether questionable, frequently shared news and articles are factual. False claims are subsequently downgraded in their visibility to Facebook users. That as "false" declared is henceforth harder to find, fewer people see it.

Gazprom heats up europe

Russia has quickly learned the rules of neoliberalism. Supporters of EU market protectionism are now noticing this, too

Alexei Miller is one of the most powerful men in Moscow. When he speaks, everyone comes: diplomats, entrepreneurs and politicians. This was also the case last Tuesday, when the chairman of the board of the Russian energy giant Gazprom invited the representatives of the 25 EU countries to the Austrian representation in Moscow. The program included a presentation on international energy cooperation. But it was clear to all present that the relations between Gazprom and the European Union are currently severely strained and the crisis is even preoccupying the Kremlin. There was a political debate that evening.

Gazprom heats up europe

Gazprom’s main pipelines to Europe. Image: Gazprom

The internet in space

Two British microsatellites test new standards and radiation-protected microprocessors

Actually, the Ariane had already started at a clock at the night GMT in French-Guayana, because of a technical defect, the start was postponed by 24 hours. In addition to other satellites, there are two identical microsatellites of the British Defense Evaluation and Research Agency (Dera) on board, which should test the possibility of internet connections in space for the first time.

With the microsatellites STRV1C and STRV1D, 25 different experiments with the hardware and 5 with software are carried out under the hard conditions of space. For this purpose, the satellites are brought into a geosynchronous elliptical orbit, on which they circle the earth at a distance between 600 and 39000 kilometers. Oberdies are exposed to a high radiation intensity four times a day when they pass the Van Allen Gurtel. During their lifespan of one year, the two satellites are exposed to a 10 times higher radiation, such as satellites on low and geosynchronous orbits is usually the case. Radiation can damage the electronics or generation of solar power severity.

Gentech company mixes up own seed varieties

Control mechanisms failed for years

Corn with resistance gene to the antibiotic ampicillin was planted and fed in high quantities – to animals and people.

"There has been a mix-up", admits Syngenta spokesman Markus Payer. For four years, the Swiss-based biotech company allegedly "accidentally" produced seed of the unapproved genetically modified corn variety Bt10 and then sold it as seed of the – approved – variety Bt11.

Escalation of fighting in syria

The usual game of mutual blame at the expense of civilians who could not or did not want to flee

The ceasefire is more or less over in Syria after the fighting around Aleppo resumed and the parties involved and the main players, the U.S. and Russia, seem to be less interested in finding a solution than in intensifying the conflict. Whether the peace talks can continue at all is questionable, especially since a solution remains unreal as long as the U.S. and Russia do not cooperate through the UN Security Council and the role of the Assad regime is not clarified.

Russia demands that Islamist groups Jayish al-Islam and Ahrar al-Sham, which are supported by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey and are part of the so-called High Negotiations Committee (HNC), also be classified as terrorist organizations. Both groups are known to work closely with the al-Qaeda offshoot al-Nusra, also in the Aleppo area.

Syria: location in the flying camps is approaching
Syria: Location in the Flying Camps is approaching

Syrian escape on arrival at Camp Bardarash in the Iraqi autonomous region Kurdistan. Image: UNHCR / HOSSIN FATEMI

The jihadist militias of the Turkish army distribute the ingots in the northeast, especially women and children flee

On Sunday evening, the ARD Magazine World’s mirror reported that more and more families from Northeast Syria flee in Northern Iraq. The location in the escape of the escape there is headed.