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Escalation in macedonia
Escalation in Macedonia

Seat of the government in Skopje. Picture: F. Bull

President Triggers Migration Crisis in Macedonia, Contrary Interpretation Abroad

Nikola Gruevski, leader of the nationalist VMRO-DPMNE party, has ruled Macedonia for almost ten years. Before his enforced resignation in January 2016, he created an "Skopje 2014" urbanistic monument with the project. Around Macedonia Square in the center of the capital, dominated by an equestrian monument to Alexander the Great, countless statues and cream-pie-like museum and government buildings testify to Gruevski’s desire to give the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), which he governs, a self-contained historical-heroic worldview.

The case after the bang

At the end of November, Israel’s head of government cared Ariel Sharon with his exit from the Likud block for excitement. Now he has disappeared from the country’s political life

The Basic of Kadima, the new party of Ariel Scharon, had been a small sensation: Not only did the Israeli prime minister had the Likud block, that party he said in 1974, Liebewohl, but also a collecting tank for politicians of the left and created the conservative equally. Hardly any day passed the media does not register the entry of another prominent politician, journalists or academics. But Kadima always moved to the person’s Person: The Through Prime Minister was the party; Its popularity with the electors was what the party made in the surveys – a fact that the curiosity could now be dangerous: A week ago Ariel Sharon suffered a serious stroke, followed by massive brain bleeding. Even if he should ever recover, he will not return to political life. The policy must therefore quickly set itself on a new realitation. Because on the 28. Marz is chosen in Israel.

The party tailored to Sharon Kadima now has to do without him

Meets seehofer trump?
Does seehofer meet trump?

The Bayerischer Hof hotel hosts the Munich Security Conference every year. Photo: Harald Dettenborn. License: CC BY 3.0

Merkel, Pence and Mattis at the Munich Security Conference

The Bavarian State Chancellery has neither confirmed nor denied a report in Der Spiegel that Minister President Horst Seehofer plans to meet with new U.S. President Donald Trump. Instead, the general message was that it was "The Prime Minister announced that he would try not to let the thread of conversation with his international partners wear away", but concrete meetings will only be decided upon when "if there are concrete dates".

The monetary system is not the problem
The monetary system is not the problem

Image: Central Bank (ECB) in the background, business bank (Commerzbank) in the foreground. Photo: Jorg Gastmann

Hardly any topic wastes so much "APO energy" Like the monetary system. A quick overview of the most important reason to get off this dead horse

The fact that the Auberparlia Lamentary opposition (APO) reaches so little in Germany is mainly due to their deservation. If you want a change of our economic system, you should see everything from the Sherlock-Holmes method, which is not the addressed problem, is not implementable or is not polarity. Among the remaining alternatives must then be the solution – if there is one.

Action from japan

Game Developer with History: Capcom

At the end of the 70s a boom started: the common people rose into the fight human-counter-computer. Thanks to the madness text of Space Invaders and Pac Man, allerort’s slot machines shot out of the ground. Kids in Japan were even causing a munet shortage. Based on the term Capsule Communicator, which referred to the contact person to the spacecraft in the Mission Control Center (NASA aircraft monitoring center), reason Kenzo Tsujimoto 1979 the Japanese company Capsule Computers.

Action from Japan

Capcom’s boss floor with company primary Kenzo Tsujimoto (center)

The internet does not belong to the broadcasters

Commentary on the fee plans of the public broadcasters

Did you know: "The dual broadcasting system is the simultaneous existence of public and private broadcasters. These differ primarily in the way they are financed."Perhaps the marketing people of the GEZ – financed by us – simply did not think properly when they tried to find a definition for the German broadcasting system on their own website. It is more likely, however, that the fee collectors have simply put into words the way of thinking that now apparently prevails in the executive suites of the broadcasting companies: public broadcasting differs from private competition solely by the way it is financed – and not, for example, by the quality of its programming.

Instead of using the money paid by viewers to develop new, innovative programs, ARD and ZDF have been copying the supposedly successful formats of the private broadcasters for years and taking over the creators along with them with roughly paid long-term contracts: From Beckmann and Kerner to Pilawa and Schmidt… Sometimes staff is poached from each other, as in the case of folk music actress Carmen Nebel, who switched from ARD to ZDF two years ago at horrendous conditions. Those who bring in quotas apparently have fool’s license at the broadcasting stations. The obvious surreptitious advertising actions of Reinhold Beckmann for the insurance group WWK and Johannes B. Kerner for the low-cost airline Air Berlin in their fee-financed broadcasts on ARD and ZDF. ZDF (crash landing in the media) remained without consequences. In return, the two permanent talkers are allowed to have their shows produced in their own production companies, similar to Harald Schmidt, and to cash in several times: as presenters, producers and shareholders.

“The biggest cause of corruption in afghanistan was the u.s”

Opium in Afghanistan. Image: davric/free

For more than 10 years, the CIA pumped "Ghost Money" in plastic tubes and suitcases to the Karzai government

With money, secret services and militar you can buy everything and steer the world history into the right tracks. This was the amption of the Bush administration when it launched the Global War on Terror (GWOT) after 9/11 and invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. With military superiority, it was easy to overthrow Taliban rule and Hussein’s dictatorship. But already at the beginning of the war, the warlords’ favor was bought in order to use them against the Taliban. Then the hope is that the liberated people will follow their liberators, establish a U.S.-oriented democracy and open the door to profits for U.S. corporations and their allies.

Roach v. Bernanke

Stephen Roach, the longtime chief economist and now Asia head of the investment bank Morgan Stanley has grave concerns about Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s just-announced term extension

In a commentary for Britain’s Financial Times, Roach, who for years was the only Wall Street economist to warn sharply of an approaching crisis (A Bad Omen), called Barak Obama’s nomination of Bernanke for another term "a very short-sighted decision". Although Bernanke had been quite preserved during the crisis, one should not forget the contribution Bernanke had made to the emergence of the crisis: "It is like praising a proven quack for the invention of a miracle cure."

Bernanke is responsible for three critical errors, the most serious of which is that he, like his predecessor Alan Greenspan, held the "philosophical conviction" that central banks should ignore speculative bubbles. According to this doctrine, the task of the central bank in this respect is exclusively to break up the bubble after it has burst. After the bursting of the New Economy bubble in 2000, the cleanup consisted of flooding the financial markets with liquidity from 2001 to 2003, which contributed significantly to the "deadly mix of credit and real estate bubbles.

Usa almost alone
Usa almost alone

Special session of the General Assembly to vote on the Jerusalem resolution. Image: UN Photo/Manuel Elias

With an overwhelming majority, the UN General Assembly approved a resolution condemning the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital by the USA

U.S. President Donald Trump failed grandly at the United Nations when the White House threatened to cut off funding to all states that agreed to a resolution on Jerusalem at the General Assembly. Trump naively amed that his move to declare Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was confirmed with American power. Now the U.S. government can see the threat as a test of how much power the U.S. can still wield, or rather, how much power it has. how isolated it has become under Trump.

Politics as a profession, 2010

The – fictional – working day of a young politician outlines numerous elements that have ensured the digitalization of political communication and the emergence of the new field of politics in the past two years "Net policy" have ensured

The day for Stefanie K. begins early, already around 6.30 o’clock, the offspring makes itself felt: Diapering, dressing and preparing porridge are the most important tasks at dawn. Well, if you’re already awake, you can also check the first mails and tweets on your smartphone. The colleague M. is attending the convention of a friendly party in the U.S. to learn about the latest achievements in political campaigning, his impressions and real-time news have been in his inbox for a couple of hours.

"These devices are actually getting smarter and smarter, the web is everywhere and not just at the desk as it used to be", thinks K. And of course, so is the daily work routine. The flow of news has become permanent. It’s no longer just the electronic mail scattered throughout the day that perforates the diary, but also the real-time communication via short message services such as Twitter or in social networks such as Facebook, MySpace or Who-knows-who that pummels users as digital constant fire.